first Bbag - color??

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  1. #1 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009

    I'm really liking the style of balenciaga bags, it has really grown on me lately.. I went into the store for a quick browse, and really fell in love with the city. I always thought I would get a black one, because it goes with about everything! (and I still need a black bag in my collection.. Currently only have damier speedy 30 and white Mbmj)
    But I did not like the black balenciaga's! They were so 'grayisch' to me.. :nogood:
    Now I'm thinking maybe blue is the way to go!
    But which blue?

    I wear a lot of jeans, white tops, black trousers, black tops, grey tops..

    So, in your experience, which blue would match the best for the above clothes? I was thinking maybe ocean?

    Also, if you have pictures of you wearing your blue bags, you can always post them! I did'nt find that many pictures of ocean city's (of people wearing them..)

    i'm kinda in a hurry so excuse me if it doesn't all make that much sense :confused1:
  2. Try a hot color! I just got a Magenta and will wear it with blues, blacks and jeans!
  3. My advice: try a blue,EB,or marine!> That colour has amazing leaher!!!:yes:
  4. I recommend a bright color. Bal does the best colors and the colors look amazing because the leather is so great. My first Bal was a bright green. I actually don't own any black Bals.
  5. I would say Vert Thyme or Electric Blue! :tup:
  6. I've found that my taupe or light brown box goes with everything. It's very color nuetral.
  7. My 07 Anthra is bluish greenish depending on the light it's in. I love how versatile it is. Not at all greyish!
  8. Sounds like you wear mostly neutrals, so I think a bright pop of color would look great with your wardrobe! EB (electric blue) is my favorite blue :drool:
  9. anthracite
  10. If you're looking for new blues coming out (or already out in some parts of the World), then I suggest you go with Maldives? Or Blue layette! Your dark neutral clothing would allow your bag to POP.

    For older colors, Turquoise or EB! Or 07 French Blue :drool::drool::drool:
  11. Thanks for the advice! The only problem is now I want all of the colours you mentioned :graucho:
    But since I can only have one (I'm still saving even..) I think it's best to try the bags out in person, an then decide.. Electric blue sounds the best option for now, but I didn't see it in real-life yet, so we'll just have to wait and see how I like it.

    In the meantime, I'll guess I'll just keep on checking the 'what are you wearing with you Bbag' threads, to help me decide. ( and drool over your purchases :drool:)

    Thanks so much for your opinions!