First Bbag- color recommendations??

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm usually over in the LV forum, but i've been venturing over here lately and have decided to take the plunge and purchase my first bbag. I've narrowed it down to the city with GH, but i'm having trouble deciding on a color!! Part of me wants to go with black or anthracite with gold GH so that it will go with everything and I will use it a lot, and part of me wants to go for something more bold like violet w/ silver, vert gazon, or aquamarine. I wear a lot of neutral colors like black, brown, grey, and navy, but I do like to spice it up with bright colors pretty often as well. I wish I had the funds to buy more than one bag right now, but unfortunately I have to decide on just one color!! I was hoping some of you could give me some recommendations for a first bbag, and for those of you with both bright and neutral bags, which ones do you find you use more often?

  2. I started out buying neutral colors because they are more versatile. My first bag was caramel, then a black , then a white. My clothes color palette is similar to yours. I usally wear the colors white, blue, khaki and black, and to top it off, I very rarely wear prints. This is why I realized that my outfits are so boring and eventually, I opted to buy more coloreful bbags to add some punch in my outfits. If you have neutral bags in your collection already, I suggest to choose a colorful one for your first bbag. I am inclined to suggest a vert gazon for your first bbag, because first, green is more versatile than violet and more complimentary to the colors brown and navy. I hope this helps.
  3. I just ordered my first BBag, It's on it's way. It is a Mastic city, but I didn't get the GH. I am so excited to get it:yahoo:
    I will probably have to get a color thats bright also- like Violet or Jaune or any of the Blues....Hmmmm, sounds like another bag addiction coming my way. I thought i could just be happy with Chloes:sos:
  4. All colors are absolutely fabulous, it's just a question of taste. but for a first bbag I would say go for a neutral color. Black is my favorite but it's just my opinion!
  5. My first is gonna be the BBag City Black! :biggrin:
  6. ^^I agree. My first bbag was a black city and it is my favorite bag!!
  7. I started off my collection with a 06 Greige twiggy... its a neutral and very versatile... but I think for you... it depends on what your current bag collection consists of... if you already have a neutral bag of whatever brand.... then I think its good to start your Bbag collection with a bright/fun color... like this seasons tomato or violet SGH! then you can get black later when you have more funds... you can get black any season... but if you see a color you love now... I say get it ... like the violet! I'm dying for one now in the SGH work!!! HTH... good luck and happy hunting!
  8. I say go for something like plomb or anthracite. Black is always available and can be boring for your first bbag. JMO
  9. I vote for the black city. I have the black city with GGH and absolutely love it. It goes with everything!
  10. my s/s 05 black first is still my favorite. go with black cause you'll keep it forever!
  11. my first b-bag was a black city. but since you usually a LV girl, i would go for a bright fun color like violet. love anthracite too!
  12. What about the Neiman Marcus 100th anniversary bbag if it is still available? That one is a gorgeous shade of blue that would go with the colors you wear and still be a fun, yet neutral color. It also has that gorgeous gunmetal GH.
  13. I think since you're usually a LV girl I would go for a bright color - violet or wait for the electric blue for S/S 08.
  14. My first Bbag was in black
  15. Thanks everyone! I do have a lot of LV but my collection is pretty diverse. I have a black baby cabas and black Tod's mikey that are my "everyday" black bags. I have a lot of bright bags, but they tend to be smaller bags that I use for going out at night. I don't have a lot of bigger bags in brighter colors, aside from a fuschia MJ karolina that I do use quite a big. I think i'm just a little hesitant to buy a bigger bag in a bright color, although I do really love the bbag colors!