first bbag... color or a neutral?

  1. i'm trying to decide what i'd like my first bbag to be... i realy love the day style. it would probably be my only bbag for a while so i just can't decide whether i'd want a neutral or something more fun, ie pink? what do you think?
  2. I like bigger bags in Neutral colors myself but I guess it depends on your style. I think if you aren't going to be able to get another one for a while you might want to get one that will go with a lot of your clothes, too!
  3. The Day is such a casual style, any color would work! But for some reason, I think the Day is at its best when in neutral colors such as black, natural, truffle, sandstone, or camel. The casual slouchy nature of it seems to lend itself to more traditional leather colors.
  4. Welcome to the family, soon. :yes:

    I think for your first bag you should do a bright color! Especially in a Day (great bag btw, I just adore it and its my favorite style).

    Whatever you choose, you'll be happy with. Although there are some neutrals that I prefer more than others. Which neutral did you have in mind?

    Cafe? Truffle? Sandstone? Neutral/natural? It also depends on which hardware you're getting too - have you decided yet?

    But! If you're bold and daring, I'd say go for the Vert Gazon GH Day. That baby is bad ass...
  5. I sound like I'm in the same boat as you. I just ordered my first bbag and it will probably be my only one for quite some time. Due to that fact, I went neutral - anthracite. I wanted something where I wouldn't have to worry too much about darkening handles or seasonality, but still wanted something that wasn't just basic black.

    Now that being said, Bal is known for their range of colors, so getting something more fun would not be the worse thing and I will say that the Vert D'eau had my eye for some time!

    Good luck deciding!
  6. ^Vert D'eau is lovely ;)

    But if this is going to be your only bbag and you want the Day style I'm going to suggest going for Sandstone :yes: It's an absolute stunner IRL. It goes with everything and anything & will work great in the Winter or Summer as it's not really a "dark" or "light" color, it's a great 'in-between PERFECT' color :p
  7. I picked neutral for my first b'bag. I knew I'd want to wear it a LOT, so I picked a color I knew would match most of my outfits. The next one, though, is definitely going to be a "pop" color!
  8. How about something halfway between colored and neutral, i.e. an anthracite, grenat, or sapin Day? All 3 are definitely colored, but dark and subtle enough to be carried as neutrals.
  9. ahhh great suggestions too many to choose from. i was actually thinking that the fall 07 mastic sounded really pretty and that i might want to wait for that... what do you think?
  10. I've just bought my first bbag (on eBay so I don't have it yet), and it's actually anaquamarine

    My intention was to go neutral, but somehow I went the opposite!

    I'm curious about the steel colour coming out for fall, that may be a good neutral colour.

    Good luck with your choice Elmel!!
  11. I think neutral is a good choice because you can never get tired of a neutral color- they are so classic. Then when you get more bbags in the future you can get whatever colors you want!
  12. I think Mastic o7 sounds great :yes:
  13. Neutral - but a more interesting neutral like sandstone, anthracite, steel, marron, mastic, or sienna. The day is a great choice, no doubt it will become your favorite bag. Have fun choosing!
  14. The sandstone is a great color IRL. I am ordering it in the day with GH, I have a magenta day and sometimes I find I need sunglasses with it (very bright).

    I would suggest Sandstone, or if you want something richer get caffe or truffle. Mastic is probably great as well but I cant seem to really imagine it.

    When I saw a sandstone work in person, that totally changed my view, absolutely love it in the day with GH.
  15. My vote is a color that works as a neutral. My first/only Bbag is blueberry. I think colors like deep blue, dark green, and red work well as neutrals that pop.