First BBag......City or Twiggy?????

  1. I am going to do it....oh yes, I was broken down by the BBag Bug!! For my first BBag, I am going with brown (I think it is called Red Brown or something...sorry, forgot) but should I go for the City or the Twiggy?? What are pros/cons of both and why do you love :love: yours?

  2. I have one of each, an Ivory City and a Black Twiggy, and I love them both and it's really hard to decide which one I like more when it comes to shape and style.

    I find the twiggy to be a bit more casual looking, but that doesn't mean the city can't be worn casually too. I'm really not going to be much help here, because I really like both bags, but this is subject to change, because I just got both bags and haven't used them too much. I may grow to like one more then the other.

    My suggestion is, if you can see them in person, to do so, and check them both out. Also, look around the forums at reference threads to see which bag you like better in the color you want. HERE is a thread showing different styles in the different browns.

    Here are my Twiggy and City, so you can see the difference.....

  3. This might help you decide. It is a similar thread. :smile:
  4. I say go for the city, definitely! First off, it's classic bal, so it'd be the perfect style for your first. Secondly, well...the twiggy looks too much like a sausage IMHO. When I first got into bal, I wanted to get the twiggy as my second bag. But then I tried it on at the store and was really turned off by how long and...well...sausage-y it looked. It gets better as it breaks in, I believe. But I remember someone saying that even when it's broken in, it still looks kinda sausage-y when it's stuffed full.
  5. sorry, can't compare a City to a Twiggy, if you ask me. and it's so subjective how a girl likes her bag(s). she likes it sausage-y, i don't. i gotta agree with Neptune on the part about Twiggy being more casual looking whereas the City can be either. in terms of capacity, both are quite similar. again, do check out the photos of members wearing their bbags. should give you a very good idea already.
  6. i'd say go for the city too. the twiggy is just too long for me, like sunny said "sausage-y" and you can use the city for more occasions than the twiggy. my first bbag was the teal city and i absolutely love it! i was also in the same problem with you, but once i tried the twiggy on, it didn't appeal to me anymore. but it is your personal style and taste, and i suggest you try them on in person. good luck!
  7. i had a twiggy in truffe (dark brown)... now that definitely resembled a sausage! after recieving her i quickly realized the twiggy is not for me (and my boyfriend laughed at her, which made it worse :push:smile:, so i returned her for a city and fell in love :love: the city is so perfect for me, but there are definitely girls who absolutely ROCK the twiggy style, so it all depends on your personal taste :yes:
  8. Another vote for City.
  9. Go for the City.
  10. I also had both and didn't care for the Twiggy either. It was too tootsie-roll for me and I don't usually zip my bags so when I set the Twiggy down, it gaped open and everything started spilling out. Needless to say, I let them go and stuck with my Cities.
  11. so true. Some of the ladies here look amazing with their twiggys. Also, I always drool over SJP's white twiggy- love when she carries that bag!
  12. i'd go for the city as the first bbag. i think the size is just great....not too big and not too small, so the bag can take you from day to night.
    i personally also like the shape of the city the most.
  13. City. I am not a big fan of Twiggy (sorry Twiggy lovers).
  14. I have a twiggy and a couple cities and I love both styles. If you carry a lot, then a city might be better since the twiggy looks sausage-like when it's overstuffed. The twiggy is so cute though, and it's easier to find things in since it's shallower than the city. I really think that you can't go wrong either way though. Let us know what you end up getting!
  15. My vote goes to the city as well.........