First BBag! Advice & Opinions kindly requested.

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  1. Hi all!

    I've been dreaming of my first Bal for quite a while, and so far I've decided on what style I want for my very first: a Giant City. I'm in between RGGH and GSH, as I don't like GGH much at all (not a gold kind of girl).
    The particular colors I'm in between are Anthracite (my original favorite) and Nacre. I fell in love with the Nacre City with RGGH at Neimans this weekend, and almost bought it right there on the spot. I also have a huge soft spot for the Canard RGGH City.

    The main concerns I have are versatility and upkeep (as I plan to keep this bag 'til death do us part). Obviously, the Nacre would require a little more babying because of the color, but Applecare et al. seem to do the trick, right?

    I appreciate any and all opinions! Thank you, ladies! :flowers:
  2. Nacre is beautiful but will get dirty quickly (and you may have to worry about color transfer from clothes).

    Anthracite, on the other hand, is a GREAT color. I have an anthra city GSH and am in love with it! Goes with everything. I like the GSH a lot but I hear RGGH is very pretty as well.

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  3. I was afraid of the color transfer, but ever-hopeful me wonders if there's a way to reliably protect light bags.

    I wear so many dark colors I thought it'd be nice to have a light color bag, but oh, the Anthra is just divine. You have a gorgeous bag there! Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. I don't think there is any way to fully protect a light-coloured bag from jeans or dark-cotton t-shirt or black/dark leather/suede jacket transfer.

    Anthra or Canard is probably your safest and least heart-breaking bet for an all-day-everyday Bal bag. Or, you could look at some of the new grey/blue shades that may come out this season, or a Tempete (a blue-grey storm-cloud colour that is lighter than Canard or Anthra by a far bit, but which I've found does not look stained one bit even after heavy use).

    The Bal bags are dyed in a way that they do absorb colour more than they repel it. I have a beautiful 2003 Caramel that is slightly darker Nacre, but I do find I have to baby it against colour transfer.

    I always return to my deeper coloured Bbags of Red, Burgundy, Canard and Canard bags for a stress-free day.
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    Just my honest opinion, Nacre RGGH is breathtaking when it's new & believe me, no matter how you make sure you'd always be extra careful & baby it, & accidents do happen, I doubt it if you will still love it when it gets dirty & stained. I used to have a beautiful white bag, 1st use, it got stained, thank God it wasn't a Bbag or I've died.

    So, if you're spending this much money on a bag, get the Anthra & you'll be glad you did.
  6. How bout a 2010 gsh black?
    But since you are in southern California......and blond? Nacre could be astounding. You would just be careful with her.
  7. Agree with all the wise ladies here. Darker bag for regular use, and you could save up for a clutch or smaller bag in Nacre that you could enjoy on special occasions. ;)
  8. Thank you, ladies, for all your wonderful advice! :flowers: It certainly is a lot to consider.

    I'm actually a brunette, half-Asian. (One of the reasons I don't like gold, but rose gold just sets my heart aflame.) I really liked how the Nacre RGGH looked on my arm, but NM was out of Anthra in any sort of giant HW so I wasn't able to try it out.

    I did consider black but I already have a couple of black bags and would like to extend my range of color. Oh, what to do, what to do...

    If I did get Nacre, you ladies are right, it would have to be babied and not for everyday. I'm honestly not sure if I truly was looking for an everyday purse (although if I got Anthra I know it would quickly turn into one).
  9. As another pale coloured alternative, have you seen Siegle with RGGH? It is still neutral, but light coloured and looks fabulous against the RGGH (yes, I have fallen hard for that hardware, too - but only have the mini RGGH on a Canard Town), and will be more resistant to stains.

    Nacre is gorgeous, so if you are not planning on using it heavily, then why not go ahead and spoil yourself;)
  10. this is a difficult decision. on the one hand, anthracite is classic and is a color not only will it always match whatever you wear, it will withstand the years and not be so visible of the damage it might have. but...choosing colors are what bal is all about. you can always find a great a black/grey bag, but finding a color that is unique and fabulous is harder. you have to really weigh your decisions for buying the bag.
  11. So we can better advise you, what are the colors/styles of the other bags you use most frequently?
  12. I vote Anthra. Always a classic, easy to care for, etc etc.....if you want a lighter colored bag, Seigle is a nice alternative and like skyblue said wont need to be babied much. Or you could wait for the s/s 2011 colors to come out (there are some beautiful colors!!)

    Personally, Nacre to me seems way too high maintenance...I wouldnt be able to enjoy it!
  13. Thank you again for all your kind help, advice and replies. You ladies are wonderful!

    I think Siegle is a lovely color, but it doesn't quite make my pulse quicken like Nacre or Anthra do.

    The bags I use most often are:
    ~LAMB Angel small shoulder bag (very similar to -- This is currently my every day bag.
    ~Burberry Studded Knight in black
    ~Rebecca Minkoff Brown French Tote (
    ~Valentino Couture bag in Red (
    ~Stella McCartney for LeSportsac nylon hobo in sage green
  14. OK sounds like you use a pretty small bag as your every day bag so the city wouldn't be something you grabbed on your way out the door every morning. Also, given the fact that you have a Studded Knight in Black (which is similar, shape-wise, to the Bal city), I would say go for something different and get what you really, really want: Nacre :smile:
    It's totally different from everything else you have and if it's not for daily use, it shouldn't get toooo out of control. Just be diligent about using AppleCare stuff. Sounds like you have your heart set on Nacre anyway and are just waiting for us to give you two thumbs up so....
    :tup: :tup:
  15. ....Or I should get one of each. :graucho: Mmm, Anthra in RGGH...

    I wonder how difficult it would be to find Anthra in RGGH? I know of at least two Nacre RGGH Citys that are still available, so that also helps swing my hand (I'm impatient, what can I say!).