First Balenciaga

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a new member and I'm looking to purchase my first Balenciaga.

    I'm keen on purchasing a red bag and I've been looking on eBay.

    Can anyone help find me find a authentic one with shipping to England? I don't want to end with a fake one as I know that there are many fakes on eBay.
  2. Hi, Nik123

    I'm also from the UK and have seriously had my fingers burnt with an e-bay fake Balenciaga purchase. The case is still on-going and is likely to go to court with the seller prosecuted for deception. But all of this happened to me, before I discovered this wonderful forum. The girls on here are fantastic and very knowledgeable. As soon as you spot what you're looking for, don't make any bids until you've posted it here under the 'Authenticate this' thread. You'll get sound advice this way.

    Another tip to bear in mind, if you order from non EC countries, is to budget for the import taxes and VAT. If you spend about $1000 on a bag, you'll pay around £100 in duty. But having said that, bags from somewhere such as the US are cheaper in the first place and the pound is quite strong against the dollar.

    Hope this is helpful.
  3. Hi Lizzie,

    Thanks for the advice, that's really helpful.

    I'm going to keep on looking and see what comes up.

    Do you know how they charge you for the tax?

  4. welcome!
    keep watching this forum, because everything posted here has been screened by the resident experts who who their authentic bags.

    for general discussions, try posting to the main balenciaga forum, where more people may respond.

    a good intro to bbags, including how to spot fakes, can be found on the atelier naff site here: atelier.naff
  5. Yes. Your bag won't be released from the delivery company until you've paid all of the charges. When I've purchased from the US it's usually Parcelforce and they send you out a bill before your bag is released. Best of luck finding a lovely bag.