First Balenciaga!

  1. ive been lusting over the bbags for ages now, and although i dont have enough funds for one of thoes, I found a wonderful wallet at selfridges on sale from 210 pounds to 79 pounds and out came my credit card!

    from the tag i know its s/s 07 but could anyone tell me the colour and what the other words on the paper tag mean? thanks!
    bal 001.jpg bal 002.jpg bal 003.jpg bal 005.jpg bal 006.jpg
  2. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  3. Wow that's gorgeous! It looks like Truffle to me? Am I wrong?
  4. yay congrats!!! That wallet is beautiful!!! I love it
  5. great wallet! congrats
  6. congrats! ;)
  7. great deal. congrats!!!
  8. It looks truffle to me. Spring/ Summer 2007. It's certainly not a caramel which is from 2005.

    Congrats on your new purchase. It's a great deal too. So cute!
  9. Oh its gorgeous!!! CONGRATS!!! Wow £79!!! What a bargain!!! Thats the reason I haven't been to Selfridges sale, I know I would spend way too much money! xx
  10. very nice wallet! congrats!
  11. Wow what a great deal on a great wallet!
  12. That's a great way to start your collection! What a cute little thing at a great price. I'm very fond of the little mirror. Congrats!
  13. Super great deal! Congrats!!!
  14. great deal! very cute wallet!
  15. Very nice! Congratulations!!!