first balenciaga?

  1. hi girls, im new to the forum! what color do you girls reccomend for my first balenciaga city? i'm thinking black (because it is so practical) but i have a lot of black bags. what are your opinions? black or a fun color? thanks i really appreciate any opinions!
  2. I emailed you back...did you get it? Well, if you have enough black what color girl are you? Once you narrow it down to blue, green, red or so on it will be easier to pin point what color to get.
  3. Are you looking for a neutral color?

    I just recieved my Sandstone City and it's very wearable and goes with anything & has a bit more color than black :yes:
  4. MRG, i dont think i got your email! strange! but i love magenta, french blue, etc. (bright and vibrant colors) but as for the more plain, i thought of either black or natural.
  5. verty, that color is gorgeous! did you post a picture of it in the bag thread?
  6. My computer has been acting up so that is probably why!
  7. Welcome, chloe!! :smile: I was in the same position when I choosing my first bbag. Like you, most of my other bags were black, so I decided to get one in a color for something different. Went with ink (which really wasn't too far of a stretch from black since it almost looks black in dark lighting). ;)
    Sandstone, as verty suggested, is very pretty. (I have one too and think it's a perfect neutral). French blue or magenta are also fun, standout colors. Or, if you want to stick with something dark, what about anthracite?
    Good luck w/your decision! It's so hard to pick 1 when there's so many options! :nuts:
  8. I fell in love with Bbags because of all the fun color selections they have, and of course of their soft leather. You can always get a black bag in other designers and it's always available. So, definitely get something different than black. To ease you in, start with a neutral color like sandstone, cafe, or antracite. But if you think you're ready for some colors but do not want something that's too bright, I say wait for the Fall colors to come out.;) Good luck and WELCOME to TPF!!!:welcome:
  9. chloelove: I'm also looking to buy my first balenciaga, and I've been unsure whether to go for basic black or something else (too many beautiful choices!!)

    I've decided to go with anthracite... I think!!
  10. grenat is a great color. That is what i got for my first bbag a few weeks ago. It is fun and lively but will go with everything.