First Balenciaga REVEAL

  1. Without further she is :smile:. Got her in a thrift store tonight for $400. Is that good? Does anyone know the style name of this bag? Thanks for letting me share! :smile:
    Balenciaga (Small).jpg
  2. Great find and at a great price too! Its a balenciaga FIRST... That's the style name
  3. Congrats! :flowers:
  4. Thats a good price! Congrats on your First!! :smile:
  5. Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Great find, gorgeous First
  7. Thank you, ladies! Going to take her to work today :smile:
  8. Wow great price..... Congrats
  9. That's a great find! Congrats!
  10. Not to revive this thread unnecessarily, but I just have to say that I took this bag to work today -- her first outing! -- and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! What an amazing bag. The leather is SO darn soft and I can't stop looking at this bag! Holds everything that I need and it is so damn ROCKER, I feel like a bad@ss!! Lol. :smile: Yippee!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. YAY!! the bag is gorg. and what a steal, great find!! :biggrin:
  12. Great deal congrats
  13. Total steal! Congrats on your awesome find!
  14. Wow, amazing price! Congrats!
  15. What an awesome deal and a gorgeous First- congratulations!