First Balenciaga purchase... triple tour ggh

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  1. Presenting my first ever Balenciaga purchase... I'm in love now i'm wanting a purse for the next purchase!!! :biggrin:

    Now some advice...

    Which size do your prefer city or part-time?

  2. nice bracelet
  3. Looks great, love your watch too....and your rings-lol! I prefer the P/T to the city because I like larger bags but my ultimate choice is the Velo.
  4. Love your TT! Great choice...

    I prefer the City.. I'm short (5'1) so it just works better...
  5. Thank you for your comments! :smile:

    I've gone for a city! I'm currently pregnant due Sept 3rd and think it'll make a very good (and stylish) mummy bag as it has the long strap. A lot of my purses are hand carry's can't imagine trying to battle with a pram too!

    Will post pics as soon as it arrives x
  6. Gorgeous bracelet, Congrats!!:smile:
  7. Congrats! Love the colour combo. I recommend getting a bag that can be worn cross body. As a mom to a toddler, I struggle to use my City because of the short strap.