First Balenciaga purchase on ebay

  1. Congrats! I can't see the picture. You know that price is over retail- right?
  2. ^^^GORGEOUS!!!:love: and much better price!LOL:sweatdrop: :yahoo:
  3. Just Beautiful! What a wonderful color. Congratulations!!!
  4. Wow, beautiful bag and a great price! Congratulations!
  5. wow. gorgeous color and great price....Enjoy your new bag...
  6. Great price! You scared me with the first link! LOL. Enjoy your new bag love!
  7. Congrats it's a beautiful color!
  8. So pretty. I love that color. Hmmmmm. :drool: Congratulations!!
  9. wow!:yes:
    excellent price!! and beautiful colour enjoy your bag!
  10. Ohhhh, I saw that one! I'm so glad a PFer got it. Enjoy, it's beautiful!
  11. Wow beautiful! Congrats!
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