First Balenciaga purchase: First or City

  1. ITA with hmwe! :yes:
  2. Thanks so much, ladies, for your Bal words of wisdom :smile: Both are lovely, but I can only choose one at the moment. It'll be my first black bag. Oh, tough choice... i'm just afraid that the first might be too small or the city might be too big for me...guess I really have to check it out myself and compare.
  3. Hi all! Finally! I have decided on getting a black City since price difference is minimal and I can fit more stuff in a City rather than a First. My next concern would be the leather. Since I won't be personally buying it, my sister-in-law is going to Las Vegas mid-March and I requested her to buy from NM. What type of leather should I tell her to look out for. Is very thick, very black, not so veiny leather a good description? :smile: