First Balenciaga purchase: First or City

  1. Hi! I'm just confused whether I should get a First or a City. But I'm decided on the color: Black. Oh, btw, I'm a Balenciaga fan newbie - I've LV's and Gucci's, so your advises will be greatly appreciated! thanks!:smile:
  2. How much do you carry daily? This thread shows how much you can lug in a bag. Visuals are always best so hope this would help you decide on your first Bbag! Congrats on making the decision to purchase a Bbag!!!
  3. Love them both!! If you go out a lot and don't carry too much, than I would go with the first. I think that the first can go from day to night easier than the city. On the other hand, if you carry around a ton, you NEED the city. Of course, the best solution is to get both!
  4. I'd pick the city :smile:
  5. My first was a First.
    Then a Twiggy.
    My next will be a City.

    If you don't carry a WHOLE lot, the First will be a perfect first BBag.

    Happy shopping and enjoy! :yahoo:
  6. Hmmmm, many thanks! I'm leaning towards the First! you guys think this is also practical for travel?
  7. Personally, I think that the City is better for travel. It would hold more stuff. I think that the City would be a good initial Bal purchase. You should go to a store (if there is one near you) and try on both sizes to compare. Good luck!
  8. I personally LOVE the First and I do cram it to bursting point and it is still lighweight and looks good..but a City is very versatile and can offer you space for magazines or work papers etc..either way ia Bal is going to fast become your Fav bag..I agree with the other members, try to try both on..perhaps you have a friend with one or the other, or a store closeby?..welcome to the Bal World Queenbeediver!
  9. City is MUCH better for travel. IMO you can't fit too much into the first (My makeup bag, wallet and cell phone fill it up, but then I do carry an unnatural amount of cosmetics around haha). I also think a city is a great purchase. My first bag was a city, and I was worried it might be too big but I was actually a little disappointed by how small it was (at first, and I'm a pretty small girl)
  10. I went to the NM near me that carries Bal and decided my first bag (and my second...she said hopefully) will be a city. I carry alot in my bags anyway and I like that I can also carry some basics for my daughter or a magazine if chose.
  11. The City holds more, and so would be more practical especially for traveling. Try them each on for size though, and let us know how it goes!
  12. The city IMO would definitly be a better bbag if its your first one. You said you would like something you could travel with, like a good carryon bag; example you would need a water bottle, some magazines, ipod, computer, book, extra clothes, etc. The city or even the work would be a great size. But if its between the city and the first i'd definitly go for a city. I can fit a generous amount in mine and my first was a city, along with my new 2nd thats on its way, but I'm thinking of getting a work for my 3rd! Good luck, HTH!
  13. my first bbag was a First.
    i would suggest you go to a store to look. or depends on how much stuff you used to carry. if you tend to pack light..then def a First. but if you like to carry book/bottle of water/umbrealla etc...then a city is a much better choice.
  14. my first bbag was a first as well :yes: now i have 1 first and 3 cities. i can usually fit what i need in a first and a first is very light & comfortable to carry. but i can fit a scarf or sweater into the city, as well as school books and art supplies... but this is not an everyday thing.

    so i guess it would depend on what you carry everyday, or if you think you'll need a larger bag every now & then (like i do)... the city still looks very good even if there's nothing in it.
  15. My first Bbag was a City, then a Work, then two more Cities and two more Works.

    They multiple ;)

    I digress :shame:

    Here's my point: if you are going to have one black bbag, I would highly recommend that it be the First :yes:

    It's a grab and go style, perfect for your wallet, sunnies, a coin purse, some lipstick, an iPhone, and car keys.

    But the City is a great candidate for something in COLOR!! There is more leather to have more texture and character and the colors are sooo gorgeous you are going to want one soon :upsidedown:

    So get the Black First, but then saving up for the POP of color in luscious City leather :yahoo: