First Balenciaga. New or Pre Loved?

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  1. I am looking to buy my first balenciaga. I am leaving the LV world for a while. I need color and leather.
    I have my heart set on a city Rose Thulian in rose gold.
    Should I hold out for a pre loved one or get it new?
    Seems like that color is hard to come by.
    I don't mind buying pre loved as long as it is in great shape.
    I want my first B bag to be gorgeous and a great experience.
    Seems like there are way too many fakes out there.
  2. That color isn't a current season color so buying new would be hard.
  3. They have them at neimen Marcus online.
  4. I bought new for my first B Bag. It was nice to have the experience of going in and picking out exactly what I wanted, and also to know that if I brought it home and changed my mind (before using it, of course) or if there were any issues with the bag, I could return or exchange. I fell in love with that specific color and knew I had to have it, it was a current season so it would have been a while before it popped up pre-loved. It also helped because I was able to establish a relationship with a sales associate who still helps me out. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  5. I'd buy new. My first Bbag was new. Same as rainneday, I valued the experience of going in a store, picking out the exact bag I would bring home, etc. It would also eliminate your concern on authenticity.

    If the color is hard to come by, you can always try talking to an SA. I think rose thulian is fairly recent, so it should not be too difficult finding that color.

    Best of luck on your purchase! :biggrin:
  6. I think I am going to buy new. I want the ultimate Balenciaga experience.

    What do you all think of Rise Thulian? My wardrobe is very basic; jeans, neutrals, lots of black.

    I don't want a black or brown bag right now. Have enough.

    Can rose Thulian be worn in winter?
  7. Have you seen RT in person? It's not red, It's a very deep pink.

    I think it would look fine with your wardrobe, but it's not a color I would wear in the winter. At least not often. It's too summery looking for me.
  8. I bought mine pre-loved as my first bal. I wanna try out and c the leather, so not willing to pay full priced and glad I got an almost new used Bal bag at a reasonable price.

    RT look pinkish, not exactly red. Sweet pink?
  9. I just got my first one and it was new, but was on eBay. The seller had bought it for an event and never ended up using it so I got it for a good deal. If you can find a good seller on eBay, you can get great deals on new ones.

    I doubt you'd find a good priced new RT, though, so if they have it at NM online, I'd do it there. My American Express gets 3% cash back there, too, so if you would be putting it on a rewards card, you'd be saving some $$.