First Balenciaga, help me decide

  1. OK, I'm ready to do this. :biggrin:

    I really like the Origan color, and initially want a more casual weekend bag. So I'm thinking a Twiggy in Origan now, and then later a City in one of the new Fall 06 colors. Or is the City also a good casual weekend bag, and something I'll be happier with in the long run? I'd never really thought much about a Twiggy until I saw someone carrying a Caramel one a couple weeks ago.
  2. I think an origan Twiggy would go well for a weekend bag. I prefer the City in a much darker color since it's larger and you can use it as a casual or work bag whereas twiggy is usually considered as casual to me.
  3. Origan would look great in Twiggy. :smile:
    On the other hand, others have suggested that the City would be an ideal choice as your first Bbag. If you tend to carry a lot of stuff, it's the perfect size, plus it is so lightweight! For me, it's a great everyday bag that I use for work as well as on weekends! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Good luck!!
  4. totally agree with what cate22 has said! i love my twiggy! and my City and my first! hehehe! good luck on what you decide! :amuse:
  5. I couldn't agree more! I just love all three styles:heart: :heart:
  6. Hi Pseub,

    I have an Origan Twiggy (got it from Loganz) - it's a beautiful colour and size, I likey a lot!:heart: :heart: :heart: .
  7. pseub, glad you're finally taking the dive! You really can't go wrong with ANY style and color you choose because they're all beautiful! Good Luck!
  8. I prefer the Twiggy, I think it's a little more casual, but because it's shallower, it's easier to find things. One thing I am very thankful to the Saks SA for doing, is telling me to put my things in the bag. It really doesn't matter what it looks like stuffed with paper, it matters how it will look when you carry it. Then you can see how you will use it. The City was just too deep for me.

    The Origan colour is beautiful, great choice!

    I wish you well,

  9. I think it depends on how much you carry. If you just carry a few things, I'd opt for the twiggy. If you'd like the option of carrying more, go for the city. I was surprised at the minimal difference in size between the city and twiggy. The city is not that big, but you can carry a hardcover novel in it. I think the twiggy would be stretched it you tried that. When I got my first city, I was shocked because I thought it was much bigger. I had compared the measurements to my other bags, but somehow the photos make the city look larger than it really is.
  10. I had a hard time choosing between the Twiggy and the City. Normally I know what I want in advance but when the SA in Balenciaga brought out both bags I really could not decide. I wanted something that was classic that I would still wear 20 years from now. Still could not decide so the SA suggested that i put my things in both bags and see which one was better suited for all my stuff. That's when I knew the City was for me. Now I am thinking about getting a Twiggy next year in a cool color. :yes:
  11. YEAH PSEUB!!!! I have to say that I don't know much about the twiggy, but can tell you that I am so glad I got the City as my first b-bag!!! It has been the most versatile bag I have ever owned, and it is feather light! I thought I would only use it as a casual weekend bag, but ended up wearing it everywhere! Even to work! In fact, I wore it today!

    So, my vote has to be a city. and origan would be stunning! Although, did you look at the new fall colors on the atelier website? You might want to wait for one of those colors- they look amazing!
  12. i have the origan city. i can't tell you how many compliments i get on that bag. I love the color, b/c it's so versitile, it looks good dressed up or down.