First Balenciaga Bags

  1. Ladies:

    I am usually on the Chanel and Louis Vuitton boards. I decided to branch out a bit in 2008 and invest in my first Balenciaga. I need to get feedback on the different styles and colors for this season. I have a Barney's New York and Neiman Marcus available to me to go and investigate. Which bag would you recommend for a first timer and why?
  2. Congrats on venturing into bbags! You'll find they're incredibly addicting!

    It's hard to say definitively which is the best first bbag for someone. It really depends on your needs and how much you carry with you. For my first bbag, I went with a city b/c it incredibly roomy and is the most iconic bbag style. however, I'm also a big fan of the twiggy. Another common option is the first/classique style. It is another fav style of mine in looks, but is a touch smaller than I'd like - definitely a "going out" bag for most people.

    There are plenty of research threads here of tpf members wearing their bbags and other references on dimensions in this sub forum.

    I hope that was at least somewhat helpful . . . Congrats in advance on your first bbag!
  3. ITA with willows. The city would be a great first bbag- but it does depend on your needs. Like willows said, the city is a very classic bal style. Personally, the city is not my favorite style, and I only have one. I prefer the first (smaller than the city) and the day (slouchy, more casual, holds a lot). Check out the reference threads, clubs, and modeling pics- they should give you a better idea. Ultimately, it's about what you love most!
  4. I too love the city, but its ultimately all about personal preference and needs. I think the first is adorable, but I carry around too much stuff so its too small for me! I also really like the work and the day, and I've recently been getting the urge for a twiggy. Check the reference section and look up the styles to see which ones you like best and fit your needs!!
  5. Thanks everyone (group hug) . I appreciate the input.
  6. I recommend the city - it was my first bbag and it is the perfect size..not too big not too small. IMO the first style is too small for my liking..great for a night out, but not for day (I put a lot of stuff into my purses!)
    Hope this helps! Let us know which you decide on!
  7. I used to buy cities but now I usually buy firsts. I hate lugging around the city and I tended to have trouble finding stuff in it. Plus, I can use my firsts for nights out. But if you have a lot of stuff that you need to carry, go with the city or even the day.