First Balenciaga Bag.. Have Questions

  1. I purchased my first Bbag less than a month ago from Barneys.
    (Black-City) I have noticed the leather is cracking. Is this normal for this to happen already? I have read on other threads that people use leather conditioner. I have used some and it did not help.. Any ideas or help on this?:shrugs:
  2. Can you post some pictures so we can take a look? Doesn't sound right, though...
  3. Right now I am not able to post pictures. I dont have my camera at the moment. I did not think it was normal. It only seems to be in the back and right where the bag slouches. You think I should try that Apple Guard stuff?
  4. I have seen crackly leather that was conditioned till you see soft smooshy leather throughout. I think it was on the maintenance thread. I've not personally conditioned my bags but I know some who conditions them a few coats over. Not sure if it helps your situation. You might want to comb through this thread. Hope it all turns out well for you.

  5. Thanks ... I will go take a look
  6. If you purchased it less than one month ago and you don't want to take a chance with adding products to your bag, why don't you bring it back to Barneys and see if they will exchange it. I don't think that should be happening, at least it never happened to any of mine. And you shouldn't be forced to use products to correct something that shouldn't have happened in the first place, especially after such a short period of time.

  7. I am going to go to Barneys tonight and speak with the SA. I am hoping they can help with this.. thanks..
  8. Please let us know how it turns out! :yes:
  9. I had an anthracite bag that cracked and turned white at the base of the front. I waited awhile before I tried to return it and BalNY wouldn't replace it - they said it was scuffing (it wasn't, it was more like "runs" in the leather or coating).
    I think now and then you get an odd piece of defective leather.
    So returning quickly is a good idea - I hope you get another perfect one.

    good luck with your return
  10. I just got back from Barneys. The SA was very rude about it. She was telling me that she cant do anything about it. She told me that I spilled something on it. That is not posssible. I know for a fact I did not spill anything. Then she told me the manager would be back later. I came back and she told me should would send it to BALNY for them to look at it. I agreed to that. She said they could fix it or do nothing. Depends what they think. I am worried they might do nothing. I have had the bag less than a month. Has anyone ever sent their bag to BALNY for repairs and if so what happened?
    I just cant get over spending $1200 for a bag and this happen. It seems crazy. I am hoping they can fix it or replace the bag. I will keep you posted.
  11. Did you go to Barney's on Madison Ave? Was the rude woman in her mid 50s to 60s, hair in a bun, and wearing a black suit? She's been rude to so many ppl. :tdown: Hope you have better luck at the Bal boutique!

  12. No.. I live in Boston.. I asked them if they get other people complaining and they said NO. Just me.. I find that hard to believe after reading some of the other threads..
  13. This sounds like horrible customer service. Is the bag already on its way? If not, I would escalate the issue to the store manager. It's not as if you want your money back, you just want to exchange it for a bag that you don't consider defective.
  14. Don't take no for an answer on that one... Be firm and they will let you exchange it :tup:
  15. Yeah I left the bag at barneys to be shipped. When I went back the 2nd time I spoke to the store manager. It was her that said to send the bag to NY. I asked for a replacement bag. They had the same one in the store. I showed her the difference in my bag and the one they were selling. She said all she could do was send it to BAL NY.. I just have a bad feeling about all of this. sucks b/c I love that bag.