First Balanciaga Bag

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  1. Ladies I've recently stumbled upon the Balanciaga botique in Bal Harbour and fell in love with the bags there, right now I am just browsing but my curiosity is killing me, are these bags durable and good to use as a bag for college/ law school do they hold a lot? What's the best color combo to get for a first bag, I prefer darker colors though I'm really liking the spring colors this year but I am worried about getting stains and scrartches on the bag all inout would be appreciated.
  2. I would get a Classic RH Black City if I were you! It's considered the ultimate classic Balenciaga. I recently got one as my first Bal. It's definitely a large bag so you can fit a few books/notebooks in it. The more its used, the slouchier and better it becomes.
  3. I was looking at that one in the botique I do love it it is very classy and I think it would be the perfect bag to carry to school especially since its very discreet. do u think a macbook 13 inch would fit in to the bag? Thats basically all I carry because all of my books are e-books?
  4. Yes it's the perfect mix between classy and edgy! The tassels give it that extra edge. And the fact that there are no labels on it is one of the things I love most about Balenciaga. It is not ostentatious at all and therefore can be carried in so many instances.

    I think a macbook would be able to fit!
  5. Thank you soo much for you're help I def love the fact that there are no logos on this bag because there are instances where I would not like the entire world to kno that I am carrying a designer bag. I think I'm going to go back to the botique and look at it again, :smile:
  6. Once you do you won't leave empty handed
    Go for the rh city in black for sure!!
  7. you're probably better off with a work bag if you want to carry a laptop in it

    balenciaga bags will look fairly worn more easily than a lot of other leather bags IMO
  8. You are very welcome! Be sure to post pictures of your bag when you get it :smile:
  9. If you are wanting to hold your MacBook don't get the City. You won't have room for other things in it and won't enjoy the squishyness of your Bal.

    If you have any intention to use it for school/business then get the Work :smile: just be aware it does not have a shoulder strap.

    The PartTime might be another good option but I am not sure if it is tall enough I don't have my MacBook anymore to check.

    City will be way too small. People have troubles using it as their daily bag as it is :smile:
  10. Honestly, I would not recommend it as a bag to carry your computer and books. You'd be better off with a LV Neverfull or something similar.

    But as a regular, everyday bag... the city is a great choice!
  11. I agree with everyone saying the City is too small for a MacBook, I would go with a Work if you don't want to carry multiple bags.
  12. Thank you ladies I am defiantly going to try on both the city and the work bag, I think you guys are right about the city with the macbook I think its better to buy just a sleeve for that and carry it around separately I am in love with the city in the electric blue color its so beautiful but I am probably going to get it in the black as I do not have a black bag in my collection.