First Bal! Which to keep, Anthra City RH or Black Town RH? Pics!


OH baggies!
Dec 21, 2005
Hi! This will be my first bal and I love them both but think I should keep only one-- Anthra City RH or Black Town RH. I bought the Town first because it can be carried cross body so I thought it would be more practical but I started getting second thoughts about it being too small. The City def fits more and I can use it as a work bag, but it's not as cute as the Town. Which one to keep? TIA!



Jul 9, 2009
Hong Kong
You like the city for its practical size but also like the town because it's cute.

Honestly, you already answered your question.
Of course you have to choose the City. You can have more uses for it.
But if you have other black or dark bags about the same size, then go for the cute factor.


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
Do you have to let one or the other go? I think they are both lovely to keep, if you are able.

I personally love my Town, because it is a great day-to-night bag... but I do have other bags that are bigger that I can use on days when the Town is too small for me.

If you must let one go now, the fact that you've said you find your City more useful, and only keep the Town because it is cute, tells me it'd be wiser for you to let the Town go: cuteness is never a good reason to keep something, which is never used, or used less than another item.

Hope that helps!


Dec 7, 2009
I'd say keep the city, especially since you say it's more useful and can work as a work bag. You will def use it waaaay more than the town.

The town would just collect dust in ur closet!

And btw, I think the city is just as cute!!!