First Bal Moto. A little early morning strip tease!! G RATED!!


May 30, 2012
Any one up??? I am so excited and happy to join finally!! I am so touched and impressed by the kindness and special forum (Bal Moto Jacket). All of you ladies are so supportive and kind and I am proud to join:smile: A little background on my purchase!! I have never owned a bal moto but after seeing how beautiful all of you ladies are I decided I had to have one. I know I wanted a Made in France and a jacket a few yrs old. I also knew I would need to buy preloved for $$$ reasons. Spending too much on LV lately. I found a wonderful ebay seller. Sweetest and most helpful I have ever encountered!! She guided me every step on color and fit etc. I went for it.

I received the jacket and ooooooo the leather how soft and smooshy and yummy!! Like my frye dorado slouch boots, the leather is just amazing. I put it on (purchased a size 40) it felt like heaven until...... I tried to zip it up! I was able to zip up no problem but I felt like everything was bustled in?? I was so sad and emailed seller. She was so sweet and said to mail it back. I sent it back and then discovered most of you lovely ladies wear the jacket open!! Oh no, what have I done? I sent this lovely, beautiful jacket back!!! Heartbroken I made a bunch of phone calls, stood on line at the post office for about half hour and put in an intercept request. Postal worker said, "Good luck these usually are not successful.."

I kept stalking the tracking and wow "out for delivery." I would not accept this, I couldn't !!! I called several post offices and after approx an hour of phone calls connected with one sweet postal worker, who promised he would do everything he could. The next day I checked tracking and could tell my beautiful jacket was on it's way back to me AGAIN!!! Phew.. Anyway I received my lovely jacket back and it is a keeper!

Apr 25, 2012
Usually 2 or 4 but usually a 4. I am 115lbs and 5 foot 2. I hope that helps. I have learned most keep the jacket open so if the shoulder fit then it will be perfect for you:smile: I think you need a bal moto!:smile:

Thanks! I have never seen a Bal jacket in person! I was looking at the online size chart when I said that, not realizing how small Bal moto jackets actually run. I would definitely be the next size up! Since seeing how perfect yours looks on you I have been trolling the bay! Great find! :smile: