First Bal Ever - please help with color...

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  1. Hi, I waited too long doing research (analysis paralysis!) and am now limited in colors for my first Balenciaga. I decided on the Classic Velo and am now between these available colors:

    Dark Night
    Gris Tarmac

    For reference, I really wanted anthracite - thought it would be a good neutral that's not as harsh as black.

    I'm also drawn to the Gris Tarmac with RGGH...I like the combination.

    Bal Experts, please let me know which you would get for your first Bal. Thank you so much!!!
  2. I heard that GT is similar to anthracite?
    If yes, then GT and mRGGH is da best combo!
    GO FOR IT :biggrin:
  3. GT is a true grey, without the blue or green (depending on season) undertones that anthra has. i think GT/RG is a beautiful combo personally, and would be a good neutral if that's what you're looking for! you really can't go wrong with any of those colors with RG.
  4. I have the three colors listed above and Dark Night is by far the most beautiful of the three.

    I will take a pic of all three leathers together (to compare) if you like.
  5. Thank you magjes! That would be wonderful. Do you find Dark Night to be versatile? I can wear jeans to work and thought it would be great with denim.
  6. I agree with MAGJES, I vote Dark Knight as can get black anytime. And DK is definitely versatile!

    MAGJES your kitty darn CUDDLY:hugs:!
  7. Another vote for Dark Knight! Love that color x
  8. Dark Night will go with everything! Go for it.
  9. Dark Night!
  10. Gt!
  11. I'm no expert but I just received by first Bal bag today, a classic Velo in Gris Tarmac and I really love it! Awesome neutral gray that will go with everything.
  12. saw your post on the authentication thread, beautiful bag! please post some mod pic ok~ :graucho: