First bal! Balenciaga city rose thulian in rose gold or silver mGHW? Or black?

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  1. Contemplating with these 2! Either in Ross thulian rose gold mini giant hardware or rose thulian silver mini giant hardware! Or black? For my first bal!
  2. My vote is anything in rose gold! :biggrin: Rose Thulian though, as you'd find black every season...

  3. Hi is the rose thulian easy to match? Cos I wan something young since I'm around 23 years old! :smile:
  4. 23?! Me Jelly! :smile: Yes I have seen the colour in person and it's a really fun, flirty colour. Love it! Depends what you wear most, I imagine it'll go well with summery floral dresses, tanks, flowy skirts, etc. There are some who has this gorgeous colour who perhaps could share more with you. Good luck!
  5. It goes really well with rose gold hardware IMO.
  6. another vote for rose thulian,isaw it IRL, stunning color
  7. I have rose thulian clutch with RH, it is a beautiful raspberry red, very easy to match with other colors, as versatile as Coq.
  8. Not sure if I'm helping... Black w/ rose gold would be my first bal choice ;)