First bag!

  1. Ok, so I am about to buy my first designer bag, but I can't decide between a Louis Vuitton Vivienne or a Chanel classic flap rectangular mini...
    They are almost the same price, but the LV is in my store now vs the Chanel I would have to search around Europe for (no Chanel store in my country)
    What would you get? (I realize I'm in the LV forum lol)
  2. The Vivienne looks gorgeous!!
  3. Vivienne! I think the Chanel classic flap is overrated :biggrin: sorry to all classic flap fans!
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  4. I really do love LV but I'd pick the chanel
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  5. Chanel for sure! :love:
  6. That's easy...Chanel!
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  7. Chanel.
  8. I would pick the Vivienne, it's a beautiful bag.....
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  9. Chanel. It will always look current unless you get an odd color, and will hold it's value better. They can be quite difficult to come by since they are in high demand though.
  10. I would pick the Chanel.
  11. Chanel
  12. I'd choose Chanel, but only if it's big enough for your items and the strap length works for you, happy shopping!
  13. Get both!

    But in all seriousness, Chanel prices rise so it'll be smarter to buy that first AND cheaper in the long run.
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  14. Both bags are gorgeous but i'd go with the Chanel. So classy!
  15. Chanel mini if you can actually get one
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