First Bag


Jun 10, 2007
I'm a big fan of Dior and I'd really love to make my first bag a Dior!

I've looked around a bit to make sure I get it right but before I put down any money I have a few questions, if that's okay.

Totally love the Cannage Drawstring bag in either the silver leather or beige nylon. Anyone have any opinions on this bag, like it or not? Any other Dior styles you'd think would make a good first buy?

Thanks gals, hope this wasn't too much to ask! xxx
Hello Nat and welcome to the Dior subforum and PF ! :yahoo:i totally love the nylon cannage but there is a lot of other gorgeous Diors out there... maybe u should tell us a bit more, what is your everyday style , what you will need to carry in the bag etc ! :tup:
There are some saddle bags from the past collections that really looks cute and at the same time hip!!! You can check the past collections. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I love the saddle bags the most! They're unique and can easily distinguished as a Dior Handbag! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
^ i absolutely share your sentiments about the saddle bags, natalie. which is why, i've yet to own a single saddle bag. they're alright, but nothing is screaming at me to buy them (unless of course it's the L.E. saddles, but if i had that kind of money... it's going straight to the hermes fund)
I'm fairly new to Dior too. My main interest has been in LV and Marc Jacobs, but a couple of months ago I bought the red Cannage Drawstring Bag and fell in love!:love: Now I can't get my mind off of Dior. I think it was a perfect first Dior bag for me, b/c I can use it everyday, it's roomy and gorgeous, yet subtle.

Of course one Dior is never enough, so I then bought the pink Cannage Clutch and am waiting for my black Patent Leather Cannage Wristlet to arrive. It should be here Tuesday.

I guess your first bag depends on your style, but in my opinion, anything Cannage is gorgeous.
Yeah I thought the Cannage bags are all quite subtle and inkeeping with the clothing I tend to wear.

I've seen the metallic silver and nylon beige actually in the flesh now and they really are lovely. Nice feel to them and they are really quite large, which I like.

Only 56 days until I'm in NYC and able to buy. We only have one bag shop in my area (Chester) called Cruise, it's fairly new and they don't stock much Dior unfortunately.