First bag: Tivoli GM or Tulum GM

  1. Hi There, I am buying my first LV bag and am stuck between the Tivoli and Tulum. I initally wanted the Tivoli but with the waitlist I was looking at other bags and liked teh Tulum too.. what do you all think? I am an active mother of 2 (I really don't go out anywhere that trendy anymore!) So am looking for a nice, classy everyday bag.. must be comfortable. I am 5'8"

    Thanks for your advice..
  2. I vote for the Tivoli!!
  3. I vote for Tulum, it is so versatile! I have owned it for about 1.5 years and am a stay at home mom. I like a shoulder bags so I can be hands free with my son but want it to be worn for dress too! You can adjust the strap to wear it cross-body (great for disneyland) or shorten it up to be right under your arm which makes it very dressy! I just love it and it can really hold alot! the new Tivoli is just too soft on the bottom, a sippy cup would totally make the bottom droop!

    here is a pic in action!
  4. Trishaluvslv - would you mind posting more pictures of your Tulum? Does the front have a flap pocket? I can't quite figure it out from any pictures I've seen and won't have time to get to the LV boutique before the price increase. Would you say that it is a big bag (I like'em big!)? How much can it fit? Thank you for any information you can provide. :smile:
  5. Thanks Trisha,

    Since this is my first bag.. and you sound like the expert.. is there another bag I should consider? If not, I am going to get my Tulum tonight!

    And for Dawn- the bag does have a front flap pocket that seems perfect for keys or a cell phone.. seems convienent. I only saw the PM in the store (they didn't have the GM in stock).
  6. the gm has a large locking front flap, I can fit my phone and agenda there, my koala wallet, large hermes cosmetic bag, sunglasses and eyeglasses inside. it also has a small open interior slip pocket and cell phone pocket which fit my palm treo. i can also get a spare diaper, wipes and small bottle of water for my 3yr old. I ONLY CARRY BIG BAGS AND IT WORKS FOR ME! it was my vacation bag this summer!
  7. here is one more pic
  8. Tivoli GM
  9. Definitely Tivoli GM!
  10. I personally like Tulum GM. It's so classy.
  11. The Tulum GM sounds like it'll be more ideal for what you need it for!
  12. My vote is Tivoli! I am an active mom of a 3yr old and the Tivoli GM is large enough to fit my stuff (med.vernis agenda, PTI wallet, phone, checkbook, cles, T/B pochette) as well as a bottle/sippy cup, diaper, ziploc of wipes, epipen (peanut allergy). The sag is minute cause of the reinforcing stitches on the bottom. The large opening makes it easy to look in and find stuff, plus it is a hot looking bag so I look like the YummyMummy that I am! lol
  13. tivoli!!!
  14. I would definitely go with the Tivoli GM!
  15. Tivoli.