First bag on sale at Winners Toronto

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  1. Winners is having a designer event and among the goodies I spotted on Bloor St. today was what I think was an anthracite (or deep blue grey at any rate) First bag. $849.

    Also at the Winners College St. yesterday was the newest Chloe, the Paddington with the chain and small lock for $1495. There were other designer bags as well ... but those really popped out at me.

    I've put a huge dent in my savings with three bags in the past two months so I didn't get any - but someone here might want to check them out.

  2. OMG! seriously? what an awesome deal! what color was the paddington?
  3. It was a tan colour. Not my favourite. If it had been chocolate it would have been tough to resist!

    The Paddy was out in the open stock in the racks on College. The BBag was behind the counter where the jewelry is. They also had a lot of Tod's and one Gucci (at Bloor)... Prices were about $500-600 less than full retail, I think.
  4. Wow! The Winners where I am at NEVER carry such items. I've only seen ONE Fendi at ONE store in the past ten years!
  5. Every once in a while they get amazing things at Winners. Last year, there was a very covetable Bottega woven hobo at College St. This time, Bloor St. also had the Guccisima (sure I'm mangling the spelling on that) in chocolate, some Dolce + Gabbana bags, a lot of Tod's, some Chloe and some interesting structured Marc Jacobs bags. Since they put in their Runway selection, it's gotten better.

    What city are you in? I've also seen very nice bags at the Winners in Montreal as recently as last summer...
  6. thanks! I obviously was not looking hard enough when I was there the other day! I agree with you, a paddy in chocolate would be perfect. I may just have to pop by after work to check out the guccissima!!!! thanks again!
  7. They HAVE the PAddy in chocolate on Bloor St. I was there this afternoon. The Bbag was gone, though. But ... the Gucci was still there! Good luck - if you get anything, post!

    I made myself walk away with my hands far, far away from my credit cards!!!