First bag of the New Year... and 2nd, and 3rd

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  1. Oy, it's only January 15th and I'm waiting for delivery on three bags.
    What will the rest of the year bring???

    For the curious:
    Anna Corinna City Tote in Gunmetal ($272. at
    Tano Goldieshocks in Bronze ($159. at
    Giorgio Brato Large Tassel Tote in Cuoio ($469. at

    I simply could NOT pass up deals like this! January deep markdowns are killing me!
  2. I am so with you! I am waiting for 2 bags and have already gotten 2 others this year (though I sent one back)! Yikes! Bye bye Christmas money! You got some awesome deals - hope you love your new bags!

    RM matinee in elephant (sent back:sad:)
    Tano X roads in mango (love!:heart:)

    On the way:
    Botkier medium Bianca in olive (full price, but this style is my fave! :love: )
    RM matinee in blue/grey (hoping the different leather makes all the difference in the world!)
  3. I got my FERRE purse
    It's amazing!!!
  4. Great thread! I love all the Tano buys. :love: I got a Coach Carly Signature for Christmas and I've bought 5 bags since Christmas--Coach Gallery Tote (okay, so technically that was at the very end of 07), LV mono speedy 30, Coach Bleecker Signature Wristlet and Hamptons Leather Small Flap, and a Tano Buxom Buddy. I ordered the last three online and I'm impatiently awaiting their arrivals. :shame: No more until Valentine's Day!
  5. two bags so far... a Chanel GST in black hardware and a royal blue Rebecca Minkoff MA. LOVE THEM BOTH