First bag charm or first zcp?

Oct 16, 2013
The bag charms are gorgeous. Like the blingy and very me...but sooo spendy..can't decide between finally getting one...or going more practical toward first zcp...or the small agenda...would love a practical muti color slg in lower price range ...looking for your thoughts opinions...I have one mono mini pochette ... Here visiting in palm beach fl for pre holiday and want to invest in lv souvenir ...


Nov 10, 2009
Zcp is good choice, I just bought a small agenda and its great too. The bag charms are nice I have a few but I think the slg are more useful. I've heard the tapage one is noisy too, my insolence charm makes some noise at times, but I don't think I would like one that's any louder. Good luck deciding.
Jul 6, 2012
If you would really use a ZCP I vote that but I got one for Christmas last year and have used it maybe 3 times.. It's very hard to get credit cards in and out..
If I had to do over again I would have ask for a charm instead of a ZCP.
Oct 16, 2013
Yes, usually I keep a face powder, bronzer, brush, 2-3 lipgloss, mirror, chewing gum in it. I like the fact the wipable inside - as once my lipgloss was leaking, and I just wiped it off with no problem :smile:

What are you using for yours?
Yours is the answer I needed re putting makeup inside..yeesh...its so clean and pretty ..I'm like protecting it by storing sales tickets product samples and gum Kleenex etc...but u r right...the inside wipes down per leaky gloss...
I have glosses lips n cream blush in my mini pochette Bc it's so compact fits into little spaces of my speedy and Estrella....
I just need to pile in my makeup...
I sell make up as my full time job for goodness sakes...
Need to make the switch......