First bad experience, rude manager..sorry too long

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  1. My friends from high school came to visit me here in Las Vegas. Last time I saw them was 10 years ago. On their last day in Vegas, we ate at a restaurant. They had already checked out their hotel. Since they had about 4 hours left before going to the airport, we decided to go to the mall. Then I saw the Louis Vuitton store, I just remembered that I still have a store credit from them. So we went in. First, I told the SA that I didn’t bring my receipt showing I still have a store credit because I didn’t know we were going to go therethat day and I asked the SA if she can pull my records from the computer and she said, yes. I wanted to get something for us 3. So we out the same wallet style, one gets the mono; the others get the azur or the multicolore. I wanted it to be special for my friends. I don’t know when I’m going to see them again. So when we were at the register, the other SA was trying to look for my records from their computer. She saw my account but the problem was, she wasn’t sure how much exactly my store credit is because she sees different amount. The SA was really trying to help me but the manager came and I heard she whispered to her saying, we don’t have time to look for that. I looked around and I didn’t see any other customers but us. Then the manager told me to just come back next time again when you have your receipt. I was sad because my friends got excited to finally get their LV and are leaving the country soon. I really wanted to give them something special. So we walked away from her without saying anything. And then as I was walking out the door, there was this SA guy who helped me last time and he remembered the last purse I purchased and the store credit so I asked to double check for me. He was about to check the computer and the same manager told him to stop. I guess she saw me talking to the SA guy. How mean! I mean I always read something in the forum about rude SAs and I didn’t expect to see that from the LV manager. Sorry I just couldn’t sleep that night thinking about what happened…:crybaby:
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. So shocking & upsetting. Why don't you send a copy of your post to LV executive HQ and xxxxxxxxx? It will be interesting to see what they say...
  3. Oh wow that's awful. What a mean lady. I am so sorry you weren't able to buy the gifts for you and your friends. That's SO messed up. I would do exactly write a letter to the HQ... Hopefully this is justified. I am sorry that you had to go through that.
  4. I'm sorry about what happened at LV!

    If you are going to write a letter and mention tPF I would caution you to PLEASE contact Megs or Vlad or a mod and ask permission if it's OK.

    I don't think we can make reference to tPF in letters such as this without getting an OK first. Please take a moment to double check....better safe than sorry...and I hope LV resolves your issue quickly as they should!
  5. Sorry, I didn't realize that you needed to ask tPF permission. My mistake. Please double check & clear it with them first if necessary...
  6. ^^ yeah, awhile back there was a thread where a letter was written and reference to tPF was made w/o prior permission (very innocently of course) and it ended up a pretty big mess for Vlad and Megs. I'm sorry I don't have more specifics about that b/c I was pretty new at the time.

    There may be something in the general rules about when to ask and when not. I truly hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but just suggesting to be safe and ask.
  7. I am so sorry. I would call 866-Vuitton and complain.
  8. sorry this happened to you. i know how it feels to be etertained by a rude manager for this also happened to me a few months ago when i had exchanged my trevi with my mult. rita. the manager wouldnt give me a store credit and said that i had to choose a bag right then and there or i can just take it to where i originally purchased the bag and argue with them. it sucked big time bec i felt pressured and forced to get a purse that i didnt really love. so now i am stuck with the rita, but i think i am kinda growing to like it.
  9. OMG tell me the manager did not do that.... THAT's awful! I would've slapped the mess out of her! Did you call the HQ to complain?
  10. What??? I don't understand how the mangaer couldn't pull this off, probably she didn't even know how to get your records of credits. Then the male SA probably did and she didn't want to look like a clueless. I'm pretty sure they have records of all your transactions including credits. What if you lost your receipt? They have to know!
  11. wow how terribly rude!!! did the manager think you were going to take the wallets back and resell them?! ugh, it bothers me to read about snotty SAs, but rude managers is worse. i agree with the rest to write to corporate. if you do, i would mention how the SA that you dealt with the previous time was trying his best to help you out before the manager intervened.
  12. Wow, that was really rude of her. Did you get her name? You should call HQ and complain.
  13. I would contact HQ and explain the situation. This attitude cannot be tolerated. I can just imagine how you felt. Especially in the presence of your friends. I am very sorry.
  14. make a complaint, thats not on. i'll try to make her sacked or as least make her to go through their disciplinary procedure.

  15. I didn't get her name. But I always see her there all the time from my previous visits. I would call that store next time to ask for her name.