First B! Green B30 in Malachite goes to Ibiza

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  1. 2688BC88-F966-4493-9D79-4FAAD0F85D4E.jpeg I grabbed the first little scarves I could find to cover the handles, I need to get thinner ones, but I don’t want to ruin the handles with all the sunscreen. My god, this bag is beautiful! The leather, the weight, it’s intoxicating.

    I got this second hand, the condition was like new, and Malachite has been one of my favourite greens that got away...absolutely in love. I already had her sleep next to me haha.

    I can’t wait to wear it but a bit self conscious about people noticing. What was it like the first time for you? I want to wear it all the time. I wear beautiful bags only for myself, like most of us here I guess

    Anyway just wanted to share immediately :smile: i selected it in person but then had it shipped, and only just received it
  2. Congrats on your first! Malachite is such a beautiful color. Enjoy your new baby!
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  3. Congrats!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! And yes, when you carry her, you feel like a million dollars ( and for some reason, I always just stand straighter- Hermes is SUCH a good influence on me!) Enjoy!!
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  4. Great color! Congratulations!
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  5. I can feel your excitement and I am excited for you. Such a beautiful bag. Wear it with confidence. Malachite is a beautiful color.
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  6. Congratulations! Malachite is one of the most beautiful greens.
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  7. Gorgeous! Enjoy, it looks like such a perfect combo for a beautiful place like Ibiza
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  8. congrats. lovely color.
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  9. Beautiful bag! I wouldn’t worry about people noticing. Most people are so into themselves that they wouldn’t notice if your hair was on fire. :lol: And those that do notice would probably appreciate the bags beauty! Enjoy!
  10. Congratulations on your beautiful Birkin! That green is magnificent! Don't worry about what others think. Just enjoy your bag. It is so lovely!!
  11. thank you! it's momentuous, the first :smile:
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  12. thanks so much!
  13. that is true. I used to be a bit self conscious when I got my first Chanel flap but now it's like nothing, nobody really cares
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  14. yes I thought so, I like the idea of green for a beach place, seems a bit less obvious than a "summer" color
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  15. The color is lovely.....Swooning.....Congrats!