first b bag

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  1. So I think I'm going to take the plunge. 2008 pale magenta step for a really good price or save up for a sang giant city? Were talking one costs half what the other does. I love pink and feel like it would mesh well in wardrobe with the bronze hardware. And the step has awesome veins in the leather. What will be a winner in 10 years? I love red but I wonder if the sgh is too much to be classic but don't want sang without it kwim? I wear mostly black with pops of color. I also love outremer but wonder about longevity. Help!
  2. Personally I'd go for red - red is classic. And Sang is gorgeous. I would go for RH though.

    Love the cat trap in your avatar ;) Your cat is beautiful!
  3. Aww thanks she's my baby! Where is are sang th cities available
  4. a few have posted their sang with GSH and it's gorgeous. i say go with the red!
  5. rh I meant. Ahh blackberry
  6. I would go for Sang City in SGH or RH. I think this will be more classic than the pink one + i do not like the Step very much, the City is my fave Bal style:biggrin:
  7. I like Sang better with RH, but it's your call. I love GSH too, it's cool but classy, KWIM? You can probably try any Balenciaga store!
  8. sang city! not a fan of the step so much! good luck!!
  9. My vote goes out to the Sang City with regular hardware. :smile:
  10. ohhi love pale magenta..but i am not a fan of step style :sad: so... i would go for sang rh ;)
  11. Thanks for all your input ladies! I'm still on the fence!
    Is it true that bal uses thinner leather on the rh vs. gh bags?
    I saw another posters ggh sang city and am in love! Anyone know who has it?
  12. I have never heard that Bal used different leather on RH and GH bags:confused1: I have several of both types and I the leather is not thinner on my RHs!

    Here is a thread of nurdiana79s Sang SGH City
  13. ^ops, I just realized you wanted to see Sang with GGH, not with SGH. Sorry!
  14. I'd pick a Sang City.
  15. UGHHH this is so hard! I'm just such a pink person! Even my husband says I'm more pink than red! Prob. why I have darker magenta ferragamo and gucci bags! It's a step I have looked at for months, and its a bit of a different shade than I own with such fabulous veins! Not to mention the step is half the price of ggh or sgh sang city. Ouch. I like the rh, but my heart is with the gh. I also don't want to be dumb and over-extend the budget.