First B Bag... Twiggy or City?

  1. So not sure... should I go with a Twiggy or a City? I like to carry lots of heavy stuff, but I don't want to look like I am carrying a SUITCASE, although a medium-to-large-bag is okay. How much can you stuff into a Twiggy without ruining it?:confused1:
  2. I say City! I love mine!
  3. CITY! I do not care for the shape of the twiggy - too long (width wise), IMO
  4. Thanks so much for your speedy response! But, can you tell me WHY you love your City so much? What makes it so special? And, how BIG is it to carry?
  5. Is that a city in your avatar? Pretty red color!
  6. yes, it is a city. i prefer the shape of the city b/c i think it it fits more... i like deeper bags, b/c they somehow make me feel like my stuff is more secure in there. i might be a freak, though!
  7. I have had both but love the twiggy style best. The inside zip pocket is much larger and I just really like the way its a bit more rounded than so square somewhat like a briefcase. The twiggy holds a ton, just as much as the city:heart:
    DSC03921.JPG DSC03918.JPG
  8. Beth, I like the City the best because of the shape and size. The twiggy is just too small and wide for my taste. I am 5'4 125lbs. and the City doesn't lok too big on me. I like bigger bags though but I don't consider the City to be a BIG bag. After having a City for a while I really want a Work now.
  9. def the city,
    I think it`s more stylisch than the twiggy also i love that one to.

  10. For your first bag, I'd say city... then twiggy! :graucho:
  11. City! It's the perfect size to carry heavy stuff on a daily basis.
  12. City :yes: I agree that the Twiggy is too long.
  13. Here is another vote for CITY!
    I prefer the shape of City to Twiggy.
    As others said, Twiggy looks too long compared with wide!
  14. I'm going to say Twiggy, as I prefer the shape better - especially the ends