First B bag - sorbet city or sorbet GSH day?

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  1. Hi everyone, I am a new B-bag fan and I am just ready to get my first B-bag:yahoo: .. Now you can see I fall in love with sorbet. This color is soooo gorgeous and pretty.But I am not sure which style I should go for. Personally, I like GSH day. However, city is more calssical.

    So ,pls help me!!! Which one do you guys think is better?
  2. I agree, Sorbet is gorgeous! I would say it's up to you .. if you're feeling the GSH Day then that's what I would go with. The City is a more classic Bal style, BUT I would go with your first choice. You can always get another colour in a City down the road. :smile:

    Be sure to post pics when you get her!
  3. :welcome2: to the world of Balenciaga! I think a Sorbet City would be a perfect Balenciaga for you to start your collection! :nuts:
  4. i prefer rh city!!
  5. Personally I prefer the City but the Day is so comfortable and would be great in a pop colour. And if that's your first choice then I say go for it. You can always get a City some other time.
  6. I prefer the city to the day, but on sorbet I also prefer sgh to rh.
  7. Actually I think sorbet is a great color for a fun more casual bag like the day. I also love the GSH with the sorbet. I saw a PT in sorbet with GSH and it was gorgeous. I think you could get the city later in a more "practical" color. Everyone should have a black city of course! :graucho:
  8. I have a sorbet PT it really is a lovely color.

    Regarding what bag to get, I think it depends which style you would prefer, if you prefer to get a more casual shoulder bag (day) or not. My first bbag was a Day, and then I bought the PT. Speaking from a newbie to bbags, I find them miles apart in the styles and when I would use them. I say go for the style you feel you will get the most use out of, especially if you don't have the funds to buy another bbag for awhile.
  9. Go with the Day! It seems to be what you truly want
  10. CITY all the way
  11. I have wondered for myself about the city in Sorbet... and, to me the city is sooo edgy and motorcyclie, that I would myself prefer it in tempete or a dark edgy green, I could perhaps go for cyclade as a neutral... and, would choos sorbet for something more like a pompon or day... but, that's just cause I would like a distressed darkish city... tan or pewter perhaps... I'm not really feeling the city in the sorbet, but I haven't really refined my bbag tastes yet either....
  12. The City's the classic but I think the Sorbet Day would look really nice
  13. I love both the cit and day. I saw a GSH Day and thought it was really cute comared to the city. My vot is for the GSH Day
  14. city since its a classic
  15. city