First B-bag purchase, magenta shoulder - good choice?

  1. I couldn't resist - I used a 15% off coupon and bought through Lucky Rewards, so my total will be aprox. $470 after those two discounts. I usually wear alot of black, summer included, so I thought this purse would brighten things up. I was leaning towards a black city, but black purses are more common and I already have a neat casual one from Argentina (black hobo with cow horn) and two Guccis (one clutch and one dressy one with a gold lion head), so I went for it. I also thought its a great way to test drive a bag without a major investment.

    What do you girls think?

    Any black lovers use a colorful B-bag to spice things up?
  2. Good choice! Cause I think too much black is boring...
  3. How exciting! Congratulations! You must post pics, it is such a hot bag!
  4. Magenta will be a great color to *pop* with your pics when it arrives!
  5. I think that the magenta is lovely! You made a good choice, congrats!
  6. What a great deal! I know what you mean, I LOVE bright colored bbags but I wear a lot of colorsful tops so it doesn't go so well. But when I wear my blacks, I wish I have bright colored bags cause they really *pop* and gives a refreshing splash of color! So since you wear a lot of blacks, magenta would just be beautiful!
  7. Great color, Bbags are the BEST! Pleas post pics. when you get it.
  8. :shame: You ladies are so sweet! Thanks.
  9. I LOVE my magenta first.. the color is AMAZING :smile:

    I hope you enjoy it!!!
  10. I think every girl should have at least ONE pink bag - something to mix it all up!!! the Magenta is totally YUM! its a great choice - Magenta FIRST is still on my want list! cant wait to see pics!!!!
  11. If I didn't have already have the Hot Pink Metallic, I would have DEFINITELY gone for the Magenta ... LOVE :love: that color ... EXCELLENT choice!
  12. Congrats! I love Magenta.
  13. Ooh Magenta will be pretty.

    What website are you purchasing it from?
  14. Someone here had posted that they sometimes got Balenciagas, I think that I just got lucky.

    Here is the link.

    Its a smaller bag, but I think that with the color it will work better for me. I've seen this style in photos and I think its really cute. I'm not really a holding my bag on my forearm kind of girl.

    They also had a Ghost in mint and a coin purse in a pink metallic, but they're gone now.
  15. My first b'bag was also Magenta--the Classique. Congrats!