first B Bag . any suggestions?

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  1. hey ladies!

    i've been wanting to buy a balenciaga bag but can't decide which one I like. I definely like the classic hardware. But I don't if I want the City or the Part time in black.

    thanks mwah.
  2. I think City is the most popular one. I think the size is good. I like the regular hardware too because it's not too heavy.
  3. I agree with Nat Can. I like the Regular hardware... light and will never go out of style. Every:P Bal lovers should own at least one City bag... Good luck!
  4. I'd go for city as well, the PT is kinda long and a fair bit bigger.
    I too am a fan of RH. Sure GH looks hot but its way too heavy and looks a bit silly on my tiny frame!

    City all the way girl..! :wlae:
  5. Black City with RH. Classic and well loved!
  6. I am also devoted to Regular Hardware! A City was my first BBag, it's a great size (not too small or big).