First Anna Corinna/Mini City purchase. Whats the big deal?

  1. I love handbags! I really do. Through this great forum, I have discovered
    "handbag greats" like Hayden Harnett, Botkier, Bottega Veneta, Gustto, Marc Jacobs, Jenny Yuen, and more. Of nearly every designer I mentioned above, I can say that there have always been shining points that really justified the price of the purchase. Whether it is smooshy, buttery leather or a kick-@$$ suede lining, I love all my bags from these designers.

    After hearing so many props given to Anna Corinna bags, particularly the mini-city, I thought I'd give the brand a try.


    Let me tell you! I was appalled when I opened the box! The first thing I saw was some garish gold hardware that was reminiscent of the quality of gold one might get from sticking a quarter in one of those little kiddy vending machines and getting a little toy "gold" ring. I picked up the bag, and was duly impressed with the beautiful bright color but as soon as my fingers touched the bag and shot the message up to my brain that the leather was crap, I set the bag back down quickly. The leather was not good. Sorry, I dont have any exciting, descriptive words to describe the leather, except it was not good. Certainly not good enough for a $300 bag! I decided to take a look inside to see if there was anything worth getting excited about, and there was not. It was a plain, black, canvas/twill BLAH lining.

    May I ask what the hype is about? Trust me, I wanted to get hyped, I really did! Unfortunately, this bag made me run far away from it and straight into the comfort of my Gustto and HH babies!
  2. The AC obviously doesnt suit you so I dont think there is any point in convincing you otherwise...

    Each to their own.

    I gotta say though, I would take my AC over my HH triple Mercer satchel, because the AC is easier to carry and doesnt flop open because of weak magnet closures...
  3. The leather on the mini apparently varies quite a bit depending on the color that you got. I have the black one, and the leather is thick and soft. But I have seen other colors in stores, and there are thinner and dryer ones. Too bad the mini didn't work out for you, but like you said, there are many brands to choose from, shop on! ;)
  4. GUNG, I had the same response. I bought an AC Mini based on the glowing feedback here, and was shocked when I received the bag. Not what I expected at all. This bag is truly a case of 'to each her own'. There must be something about it that really turns people on - but I, too, could not figure out what it was. Mine went back too.
  5. Most of the threads that have posted about the positive aspscts have touched on: weight (incredibly light), colors (the steel and butterscotch are very popular), the simple/elegant style, and ease of use/versatility (tote to handbag and vice-versa).

    The leather, as PP mentioned, feel/texture really depends on the bag, I found. The classic black is very soft and supple, as was the white. But I did notice the other colors were slightly rougher - but for those who love the color, it would be well worth the difference in texture. The styling has more of an urban edge to it. And certainly, there are those who love style and color over "feel" any day!

    The great thing about bags is there is something for every one of us.
  6. Indeed! I guess the thing to remember, if you're trying a new designer or bag that you haven't seen IRL, try to find one and try it out in person before you take the leap. -or- Make sure the seller has a good return policy.
  7. it's too bad you didn't end up liking it. I can see where you're coming from(I wouldn't be upset if they improved the hardware), but at the same time I really do love and appreciate my own tobacco mini city. the leather is thick, soft, and very durable. the size, shape, and ability to convert are all perfect for me, and I have actually been thinking about getting one in another color.
  8. I wasn't at all discouraged when I saw my Mini City. I thought it was fabulous but with every bag we get there is always the chance that what others like...we don't.
    I saw a R Minkoff Morning after bag for the 1st time IRL yeesterday. I was so glad I never got that bag. It was No Big deal to me and not my style at all...and almost everyone I hear loves Morning after bags!
  9. yea.....each to their own...i think you probbaly got a color that had a more thin, dry leather. maybe if you tried a different color with a different leather u would like it better?
  10. I'm torn by AC City bags too, I want to love them because of the versatility and roominess. Knowing from these posts that the leather varies, I checked out a few - glazed, crackle, etc - but while the colors were gorgeous the leather just didn't wow me. The workmanship was also iffy - the one I ordered (from Active Endeavors) had stitching on the handle that looked like someone's first attempt on a sewing machine.
  11. sorry to hear that the ac mini didn't do it for you (love my black one)! a lot of people rave about the hh havana, but it didn't do a thing for me, so i gave it away. i guess that's the difficult thing about ordering bags never know if you'll love or hate a bag without seeing it and trying it on! at least we have options galore...tpf definitely shows us that. :tup:
  12. I understand your feelings completely. I had the same reaction to the hardware when I first got my butterscotch mini city. It was not love at first sight except for the color. The love happened over time of using the bag. It is so light-weight and easy to carry, get into, holds so much while still retaining its shape that I didn't (and still don't) want to carry any other bag. I ended up loving it so much that I also bought it in black which has the thicker leather but it rarely comes out with me. Day in and day out, it's the butterscotch mini city for me. Sorry it didn't work out for you.....One suggestion: take it out for a spin and see if you don't get loads of compliments on it (I do) and enjoy the ease of it. Good luck.
  13. I don't get all the fuss about AC. My friend has one and loves it but there were so many things I didn't like - the lining, the hardware and the leather were all rather ordinary and seemed cheap. I prefer Botkier bags by far for the same price.
  14. To each his own. I just recieved my AC City in Butterscotch on Friday and I am in LOVE!!

    It just depends on your own style. Better luck next time with another purchase!
  15. I totally agree w/you, Halzer. I had the same exact problem w/my HH Trip. Mercer satchel, which is why I dumped it. However, I find my AC bag and my HH Gaza Luxe Satchels to be divine.