First and WORST ever Prada experience!!

  1. Arghh, I am soo mad and shocked by how horrible the Prada boutqiue service are in US! I'm on a mission to hunt down teddy bear keychain as gift, but so far ALL the boutiques i called are rude, rude, and rude. 5th Ave, Beverly Hills, Aspen, Madison, Manhasset, Las Vegas, SF and some other stores all gave me the same unfriendly Attitude (yes, w/Capital A!), like I'm bothering them. Is it custom of Prada SA not offer inventory search? They always respond w/annoying tone in their voice "Em, that's been gone for long time, we are all sold out........"with that trailing voice like I'm suppose to hang up right away, when i ask them to serach, they are even more annoyed "as i said, they are all out, but if you must, i suppose i can serach it again" finally I found one store have it, I asked them to hold it while i scanned the first time customer form in, and guess what, it's SOLD to other people....WTF!? they can't wait that few moments? And they don't even bother to tell me, I found out after hearing no response 2 days i send them the form.

    Am I asking too much for SA to locate what store have it for sale?? I've never been a Prada gal, and these past few days of horrible contact confirms I'll probably never be one:cursing::cursing:

    thanks for letting me vent! BTW, I was not even specific about the color combo, just any frigging bear will do!
  2. OMG, I was forced to get off the phone this time.....#%^(O#&%^ SA had the nerve to tell me ' Miss, can I call you back? We have a big client just step in....' gosh, and he didn't even take my name & number down, just disconnect himself! Sigh, guess I should just go to craft store and sew on the stones myself to fulfull the gift request ><
  3. I am sorry for your horrible experience!!!! It's totally unacceptable. But I have to say that you have to be a regular customer to get their "good" service. One time I walked in to Prada beverly hills and fell in love a small leather purse and wanted that in plum color. the SA looked for it and says they don't have that color yet but it should come in the next shipment. So I left my name and number and told her to be sure to call me. I even called 2 days later to check on it. I guess since I'm a new customer, the SA never called me back!! Few weeks later I went back to the store and saw the purse I wanted was sitting there!! Finally I got the purse with another SA and his service was much better. But I do know that they don't return calls, especially to new customers.
  4. sorry abt yr incident...:heart:some europe stores still have the bear...:tup:

  5. Thank you for sharing! Now i don't feel like a demanding b^&$ asking for normal service, I honestly get better customer service in Coach than Prada :cursing:
  6. thats a shame!
    I get fantastic service at the NY SOHO store.My SA is a sweetie.
  7. Can you pm me what stores have them? I'm looking for the white & pink (already know the chances are like winning lottery), carmel w/black skirt, and the carmel w/hat (boy version?). But at this desperate time, really any bear will do:yes:

    It just amazes me to see how many potiential clients they are loosing by serving attitude. I'd march straight to a boutique's manager if there's on in TX....

    Can you have them do international s&h? I ask one store, and SA told me "We only do exceptions for our top clients....." as if I am not 'potiential'....may be i sound too nice & young?

    Also is the bear exclusively for boutique or NM/Saks carry them too?
  8. here one on eBay..item number 230215885319
  9. thanks!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about this! I've had the opposite experience with the SAs in the Beverly Hills store. I dropped by Prada only occasionally and always had attentive service even if I'm just browsing sale items.

    Have you tried the boutiques within stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus? Their SAs are usually very helpful. I've had them successfully locate items for me.

    I do know that that the Beverly Hills Prada sold out their bears during Christmas.

    I hope you get your bear!:tup:
  11. Well, it does seem that customer service the world over isn't what it used to be -- I've heard silly things out of sa's mouths in many a boutique and high end store in the past few years. Trust me, management wouldn't be thrilled to hear their staff saying things like that.
    Then again, if you're trying to find something that seems to be sold out everywhere and you still have your homework to do (scanning in a fiorm) - well how many hoops do you have to jump through to be ready to be a buyer of albeit a lower end item.
    Jill, being one of those "high end" clients is going to get excellent service -- but that says more about what Jill's spending than the service. I called Sonia the day I went in to do some excellent damage in ready to wear male and female. Considering what I was spendingding I expected
    a bit nore enthusiasm which I got on 5fith Avenue with no attitude at all.
  12. the bears is still available, though low in stock and not many to choose from. What bothers me the most is none of them fulfill their promise of return call, and attitude. Each store i called was recommend by other store, showing they have the inventory. Their SA seems to be bad in computer too, I've scanned over 3 times the form over, and SA kept calling me to rescan b/c it's too small and fuzzy-turn out they were squinting their eyes on those small attachment icons...:s, had they click on the link/icon, or right mouse click for 'print target' the full A4 size pix will display on screen:lol:

    Guess I'll stick w/Saks SA, mine is wonderful and just call me about the MIU MIU blush bow satchel on it's way to me w/EGC cards:woohoo: Hopefully by then PRADA SA can figure out the computer and send me the bear for the complete gift set:angel:
  13. Hi there,
    I am a manager at the Prada Broadway store and I would love to know who you are talking about. With all of the negative comments about us I would like to congratulate your sales associate for doing a fine job.
    We would like to recognize her good service and reward her.
    Please reply
  14. to be fair, i haven't received stellar service at the prada broadway store myself. while it's nice that you want to the reward the one sa who is apparently doing his/her job, it would be even better and, dare i say, wiser for you to rectify the behavior of your rude sales associates. after all, how is a new customer supposed to be a returning customer if many or even just a few of your sales staff can't even bother to practice decent manners.
  15. ^ well said. and perhaps it's due to the limitations of the internet, but....JTNY212 sounds a little um..short? "please reply". well, obviously..