First and Second LV Canvas?

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  1. What do these look like?
  2. Wow, sounds interesting!
  3. That's really interesting. I'd like to see the first.
  4. I don't exactly remember what she said, but one of the canvases is the trunks. It should be interesting though since I never knew that there were canvases that came out before the Damier.
  5. Striped? I picture in my mind the striped interior of those trianon bags. Is that what the supervisor meant? And what did the second canvas look like? I'm intrigued.
  6. Anyone w/ the book? Is it in there?
  7. Swanky its on pages 55 & 89.

    The first canvas is called the Trianon. The second came about in 1876, it was the light and beige stripes.
  8. AWW man. I don't have the book. Can someone post pics? I want to see too:weird:
  9. Let me see if I can scan it from the book...........
  10. Yay! Our hero. :nuts:
  11. Ok, from the book.........
    Trianon.jpg Striped.jpg
  12. Oh Thanks!! I don't have the book!!
  13. I like teh stripes, stripes can be so regal! I can't see anything really on the 1st one, looks like plain canvas to me{?}
  14. Thanks edsbgrl, that was quick!
    O.K, now what am I looking at here...the second trunk has a beige/yellowish striped canvas.
    But the first trunk, with all due respect, that surface canvas looks like decayed drywall...
  15. :P

    The grey is a bit plain. I would surely but a trunk b/c it would be such a collectors piece but on a bag, I'm thinking not so much........

    The stripes? I can see them doing something with them. Hopefully it won't be anything strange like the perforated bags.:lol:
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