First and Second LV Canvas?


Feb 9, 2006
shu said:
Actually, damier came out 8 years before the monogram did, though it's actually the THIRD canvas to come out. I was having a nice chat with the supervisor who was showing me bags, and she said LV will be bringing the second canvas back soon...and maybe even the first ever canvas!

What do these look like?
I don't exactly remember what she said, but one of the canvases is the trunks. It should be interesting though since I never knew that there were canvases that came out before the Damier.
Striped? I picture in my mind the striped interior of those trianon bags. Is that what the supervisor meant? And what did the second canvas look like? I'm intrigued.
edsbgrl said:
Ok, from the book.........

Thanks edsbgrl, that was quick!
O.K, now what am I looking at here...the second trunk has a beige/yellowish striped canvas.
But the first trunk, with all due respect, that surface canvas looks like decayed drywall...

The grey is a bit plain. I would surely but a trunk b/c it would be such a collectors piece but on a bag, I'm thinking not so much........

The stripes? I can see them doing something with them. Hopefully it won't be anything strange like the perforated bags.:lol: