First and Only Bbag- Jaune, Tomato, or Neutral?

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Which color is the most unique, versatile, and durable, or, which should I buy?

  1. Jaune

  2. Tomato

  3. Steel

  4. Wait, because none of these fit the bill.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello all,

    I have lurked, looked, and replied here for the last couple of months. I have sold bags to fund a City with RH. I have wavered back and forth. And now, if I'm really going to do it, it's time to choose a color.

    I know that I want something that I can wear often (as in almost everyday). So, it needs to be both versatile and durable, but still unique if I'm going to spend this much money on it.

    Here are the colors I'm considering:

    Jaune. Love, love, love it. It would work perfectly with my wardrobe. Concerns: will I get tired of this color as a daily accessory? Will it get dirty easily and/or fade?

    Tomato. Also love it, though I'm a bit hesitant about red. I'm just now beginning to get back into it. It's a classic color, so it might have more longevity than Jaune. Also, it's darker, so it might wear a little better.

    Steel. A great color, but not as exciting (to me) as the other two choices. Would likely wear well since it is dark.

    I wear a lot of browns, greens, and oranges. My current handbag collection is completely neutral - brown tones only, no black (which is why I think that I might need a brighter color). The contents are: LV Mono Speedy 25, LV Mono Musette Salsa, Gucci Brown Sig Horsebit Hobo, MJ Oatmeal Multipocket, MJ Banana Hobo in Mouse, Fendi Cognac Spy, Fendi Hologram Spy, Coach Natural Ali, Coach Whiskey Shoulder.

    Please help me decide! Thank you!
  2. I am really loving steel these days, so I would pick that one. If you don't have black bags, then you need a steel one. I love the other two as well, but they are not as versatile IMO.
  3. I love the Steel because it is a great color that goes with everything. BUT I can tell you're not WOW'ed by it. And you should be excited about your first and only, don't be practical and go for what excites you! Get the Juane......if you grow tired of it, you can always sell it later and get something else.
  4. I just voted for tomato but then sort of changed my mind...

    I've found that red goes with so much of my wardrobe through fall and winter, but in spring and summer not so much. I :heart:LOVE:heart: tomato, but if you need a bright, colorful bag for year round I'd go for the Juane.
  5. Thank you for the feedback, spylove, cracker, and ahertz. I agree that Steel is the most practical, though my heart says Jaune. Hmm....
  6. Well, then I say JAUNE, cause you HAVE to go with your heart!!!!
  7. Have you seen Jaune in the flesh? I have one and it is a pretty extreme colour. I partly love it and partly loathe it. I tend to think that the handles will darken. However, I suspect that I will like it better if it fades and yellows.

    Can't comment on Tomato but fancy it.

    Haven't got Steel but think that I should have. I think this is your best long term bet. It is very classy and goes with lots of things.
  8. I voted Jaune! You seem to :heart::heart::heart::heart: it! You know you want it!

    Then, protect it with something like Apple Garde! There are lots of white bbag owners who manage to keep theirs pristine with the help of sprays like that, I'm sure you'll be able to do the same!

    And just look how rare and coveted Marigold became - I'm sure Jaune will be the same - go for it!!!
  9. i voted Tomato!i :heart::heart: this color!
  10. You have to go with what you're heart says, or you will feel like you missed out and always be wanting. Tomato and steel are both fantastic, but you must go with the bag that makes your heart pound.
  11. Steel - Personally, I try to go wild, but I always end up feeling more comfortable with a dark/neutral bag. If this is the bag you are going to use day-to-day, I think steel is beautiful - it's sort of a mix of colors - gray/blue/black which makes it interesting. I always convince myself I need a "signature bag" - but in the end I don't use them enough. I'm holding on to a violet now, but I'm even questioning that!
  12. Steel!!! You'll be wearing it everyday!!!
  13. JAUNE JAUNE JAUNE !! You seem to :heart: this color and it will be perfect with your clothes ! Also you don't have a bright bag so here's your chance!
    This color is really unique I think it's the most beautiful jaune of all Bbag, the tomato is a color that you see more often ... So JAUNE !
    Hope that when you will receive the bag you will be completly satisfied !
    LEt us know your final choice :smile:
  14. I agree! Even thought the Jaune is lovely and Tomato is a great punch to any wardrobe, I voted for Steel only because the color would go with everything. I mostly wear a lot of warm colors and Steel would work with me but you have to go with what your heart is telling you otherwise you'll be kicking yourself and saying..."I should've gone with .....", I know...been there, done that. Good Luck and let us know what you decide
  15. Juane-beautiful color, real sassy but fun color. I agree u need a black bag but isn't steel more grayish? Overall, follow ur heart,chose the bag that makes u truely happy