first and last

  1. was your first hermes item big (purse) or small (accessory, small leather goods)?

    what about the last thing you bought from them, big or small?

    first - purse
    last - scarf
  2. first: small (scarf)
    last: big (bag)
    in the middle: big, small, small, big.... and so on....
  3. first was small -- a scarf.

    last was medium -- a blanket/throw made of yak (yes, yak! :wtf:) hair.
  4. First small (vintage bag)
    Last big (Bag)

    in between big, small & medium (scarves, bags, accessories)
  5. First-a Kelly.
    Last-a few scarves.
    This week-gifts for friends.
  6. First - scarf (pierres d'orient et d'occident, FSH in 1993)
    Last - shawl (jungle love, purchased this past weekend)

    DQ, you must post pix of your fabby new yak blanket!!!
  7. First: big (Kelly)
    Last: small (3H bag charm)
  8. First: big (birkin)
    Last: small (belt)
  9. first: karo
    last: tea set (China)
  10. Hm, my first was a gift, does that count?

    First: Big (saddle, when I was 16).
    Last: tiny! scarf ring.

    Next? Dogon GM, and then a Birkin soon.
  11. First: (gift) scarf (me) Kelly
    Last: GM Mousseline
  12. first: cadena and quitte ou necklace (which i'm wearing right now actually)
    last: belt (which i may be exchanging)
  13. First: Horn Bracelet (SMALL)

    Last: Scarf (SMALL)
  14. First: Belt
    Last: Evelyne Bag
  15. First: Leather & Silver Choker
    Last: Market Tote, Clemence