First and Last Initial Charm?

  1. I love the old M charm, and it is my last name initial, anyone ever buy the initial for their last name as well as their first? Thanks
  2. I just have the initial for my first name.
  3. I have the initials for my first and middle name ... was going to get my last name at the outlet, but they didn't have a B
  4. Thanks...I got the M and now I need to go get the S at the store. They have been out.....
  5. I've got first middle and last initials. I'm working my way through the alphabet because I'm getting my whole name I think.
  6. LOL elongreach I like the way you think!! :yes:
  7. i think if you had a short name, it'd be cute to get them all! but i think i'd need a bigger bag to buy k-a-t-h-e-r-i-n-e...(on second thought, a new bag sounds good....)

    but i don't even have the initial to my first name, let alone my last!
  8. I got my last initial because i didn't like the colors of my first.

    I ended up giving it to my cousin who's name started with that letter.
  9. I think it would be really cute to get your whole name if it was 3 to 4 letters long. I have an L charm, but they never have the B!
  10. Hmmm they always have the B at the Coach store I go to in MI....S was the only they didn't have last time I was there.....
  11. I just do the first initial. My last name will change in maybe 2 years so....:yes:
  12. YEP!

  13. Love your collection Ashley!! I really like the color of the G with that bag.
  14. Same - only I gave it to my sister :p
  15. Thanks!