First and last Chloe - which one? Help please!

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  1. Hi all,
    I love the buttery leather and good looks of CHloe bags... the thing is I can't really afford more than one for a VERY long time - so which one do you recommend for me? I am a 32 yr old artist / housewife who doesn't tend to go anywhere glamourous, (School/ shopping/ beach/ dog walking)!
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;)
  2. I would have to say the medium Paddington satchel. It's beautiful and has glorious leather and is a Chloe classic. The downside is it is heavy and not the easiest bag to get into quickly. Somehow none of that matters when you are using it!

    So it's the one to get when you can get only one! Good luck sticking to the "only one" provision though. Chloe bags are addictive.:lol:
  3. I love the Betty... I think it is very roomy and easy to wear casually...
  4. I agree with bag-mania. The paddington is "classic chloe." If you can't find one at your price range then my next suggestion would be an edith. You can find those reasonably priced at places like nmlc.
  5. All the above, Paddy is definitely well known, as well as Edith, however, Betty is a great bag too, very casual chic.
  6. There are many wonderful Chloe to choose from! What type of bag do you prefer? Do you need something to fit on your shoulder? Do you want a big bag, small bag? I love the paddington satchel because it will fit on the shoulder and yet is also very pretty on the arm. It can be a tad heavy, but it isn't unbearable (to me anyway). Good luck and welcome to Chloe. You will become addicted, guaranteed!
  7. tell us more about your bag criteria so we can help! Shape, size, way to carry it, colours etc....
  8. ^^^:love: Hi Mona. 2 more days!! any news yet?
  9. Many thanks for the replies,

    I have had a look at the suggestions and like the look of the Edith bag but is it huge? I think I like a good medium size bag - prefer one I can put over my forearm or possibly over the shoulder to tuck in neatly under arm. Still in love with the paddington bat they are very expensive!
    Is the Edith smaller than the Betty?
    Is the Edith bigger than the paddy?
  10. The Edith Messenger satchel is can be carried on the crook of the arm or messenger style. I have it in black and love it.....very practical and very in. It isn't huge! It is a casual bag. it looks like this:

    Paddys are a little heavy but the newer ones are a little lighter in weight. They are a little pricey but they can be worn dressy pr very casual. Paddies are paddies...a true Icon!

    Bettys are gorgoues but the big one I found to be huge....You can find the smaller ones but they are very pricey.

    What about a Quilted Bay Bag?

    So many options....its really a matter of trial and error...thats how did it! I bought a few paddies and ended up selling all and now I have ediths, quilted bay and Elvire hobo/messenger on the way....and hopeing for smaller betty if I can find a great deal on one!
  11. Edith is a good choice, a great bag.

  12. Here's an Edith Satchel next to (behind) a medium paddy. They are appox. the same "width" but the Edith is taller and more "structured" whereas the paddy could hold a lttle more (I've stuffed both bags) but not as much as the Edith. Hope this helps.

  13. There is no picture attached!
  14. Ugh, I can see it on my computer. Is it showing a broken link?
  15. No link at all!