First and city, what colors?

  1. Hello ladies,

    I am going to buy my first B-bags and I have made the decision to buy both a first and a city, just so that I don't have to choose. :P

    Now of course life is never that simple, I still have to pick the colors. I need your opinions. What color do you find you reach for most often? I know you will probably say black, but I kinda don't want to buy another black bag. A little background here, I am a big Tod's fan and have quite a few of their bags in basic black, white and beige. I have also recently purchased a brown Gucci and a brown Fendi so I think I am pretty good with browns as well.
  2. If you wanted to add a splash of color, Rouge Vif is very popular on this board (as you can probably tell). I prefer it in the First size, it's a great pop of color. Grenat and Blueberry are also both great jewel tones that aren't too loud and match with a lot of other colors...they might be great for the City size. It really depends on what's in your wardrobe, what kind of bag "personality" you have, etc. Whatever makes you happy!
  3. The Rouge Vif color is fantastic! I say go for Rouge Vif and Blue India.
  4. I was thinking Rouge vif for the city and blueburry or blueindia (will see the colors in person in Neiman's) for the first (but now you mentioned grenat, it's looking tempting too).

    Do you find Rouge Vif too much color for an everyday bag like the city? I don't want to only use it 3 times in a month, even if it's stunning. I have a Mandarin LV that's getting exactly that treatment (it was a gift, so I can't complain).
  5. do you like dark greens? a sapin city would be cool...
  6. I guess you will be going to Neimans. Walk around and try them all on. Sometimes you might not like looking at the colors as you see them on the monitor and like it in real life, and vice versa. And seeing all the different sizes too. Have fun!
  7. I think that a grenat city and a blue india first would be great choices for first bags! :heart:
  8. i like the ink and magenta color in medium city and yes the rouge vif
  9. Hello!!
    I am a black person. I love black in clothes,shoes, bags what ever...My bags are all in black or my first Balenciaga bag was red and i love it...I think you should go for one basic colour like black, brown, or grey and absolutly you also need the rouge vif....Have a nice day:idea: :yes: :yahoo:
  10. ITA with this great rec!:yes: