First aid advice: inking melted?

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  1. Does anyone have any experience of removing black inking marks?

    My mother has kept her black east west bays in a box with her patent red east west bays but unfortunately didn't keep them in their dust bags!

    This morning she has taken the bags out to look at them at it would appear that the inking off the handle of the black bays has melted/transferred on to the front of the red east west. I've tried rubbing it gently with leather cleaner and it is not moving at all. I think the red bays is spazzolato.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to remove the marks? I've told my mum not to use anything else on it until I've consulted the experts.
  2. I've had this happen too on my coated canvas orange Bayswater. The leather handles were resting on the front of the bag and there's a mark 'behind' the canvas.
    I'll keep checking on here for any tips!
  3. Thanks Mooshooshoo. She has tried to eraser and it didn't remove it, it seems to be deeper into the leather than the eraser can get to.

    She has just rang repairs and they said that if she wants she could send back both bags as the inking on the black east west bays must be faulty for it to transfer. The question now is whether we try to play and get the inking off the red or whether we send it to mulberry for them to have a go!
  4. Hi Phinz,
    If SM have said it's faulty they will repair for free...if you try to do anything else yoyrself and cause further damage you won't be covered....personally I'd send the bags to SM :smile:
  5. Hi Mo
    Do you think this will work for my bag?
  6. Worth a try Mumofthree.....again the coated canvas is quite a polished finish so it may rub off.....if not, try SM repairs for advice :smile:
  7. Thank you :biggrin:
  8. Took both bags to Mulberry today for them to be sent off to SM. The sales assistant was very helpful so we will have to see what happens.

    She did mention that they had had a patent bag brought in before where the owner had stored it next to some wrapping paper and the ink of the wrapping paper had transferred to the bag so it was stained with 'eight today!'.