First 2 LVs: Damier Speedy 25 AND Mono Speedy 25?

  1. I got my first LV just last week: Ebene Damier Speedy 25. LOVE it, though I haven't taken it out for a test drive yet to see if I can even "do" the hand-held style. (but I digress)

    I'm already lusting after a second Speedy and I can't stop thinking about the mono. I LOVE the way it looks with patina-ed vachetta. Plus, I'm a big Audrey Hepburn fan and I know she carried one.

    Here's my question: Is there enough of a difference between mono and Damier to justify having the same Speedy in both? Keeping in mind that they would be my first two LV pieces and I wouldn't be able to get another for a long time? Also keep in mind that I like to keep a very streamlined stash.

    Thanks for your thoughts!:flowers:
  2. I think that the Damier and Mono ARE very different. Damier is better for environments with rainy weather since the Mono is made with vachetta leather that will become spotty. I have the Mono Speedy 25 and I love it so much but I DO have to be extra careful if there's rain.
    I really prefer the Mono look because 1) I'm the kind of person that doesn't care about the LVs "screaming" to people, making them pay attention. 2) It's the original design and I loooooove that it's been around forever and everyone knows it. (However, Damier in some pieces really does attract me.)
    For you, I'd suggest taking the Speedy that you DO have and using it for a little while because this was my first hand held and it CAN be a pain sometimes. I just love it too much and it was too expensive for me NOT to use it. One last thing...if you really want TWO speedies then GO FOR IT. There are lots of people in the forum who have MORE THAN 2!!!
  3. If you love both, then why not keep both! I think they are both beautiful, and I'm also having a hard time choosing between damier and mono. You can also get one pattern in 25 and the other in 30, for a little more variety.
  4. They're definitely different enought to have both. But honestly, I'd wait a while to make sure you like the Damier before getting another. Just make sure you like the style!
  5. LOL oh boy I wish I did have both! Just thinking about the mono for my second... I just love the idea of having the first two LV designs: Damier and Mono. I mean, of course I think they are beautiful but I love stuff that has a history. Funny how I used to not like the mono... tastes change! :yes:

    Believe me, I've done plenty of drooling over the Speedy twins and triplets and quadruplets, etc in this forum! :smile::drool:
  6. The 25 would be a Mommy bag - I have lots of larger bags for when I'm out with the kids. The 25 is actually a little large for the amount of stuff I carry for just myself :rolleyes: plus I'm 5'1" and like 110# so I think the 30 would be too huge.

    I've learned to take my time deciding on bags so I'll definitely make sure the hand held stlye works for me before getting another Speedy! If not, then I'll be looking into the BV.... :graucho:
  7. I think you should get both! They're definiterly a MUST have for every collection.
  8. In the last 30 days I bought the mono 30 (returned it) and now have Mono Mini Lin (black) and Damier Speedy 30s. Tomorrow is going to be my first time carrying one, but I definitely think they are different to justify both (sorry if I am being an enabler).
  9. I have the damier speedy 30, but I am thinking to get another speedy either mono or mini lin croisette.
  10. hahaha I *knew* I could count on y'all to enable me! :p

    Now to save up and decide between a mono 25 or a Stroke Me bag by Belen Echandia for my next purchase... (I know, totally different bags but they are the next two on my wish list...)

  11. how about a damier 25 and a mono 30? I think it's a good idea to have both sizes, and these color combos look really good.
  12. I have a mono 25, a mono 30, and bought a Damier 25 (which my daughter is using) and am now looking at a Damier 30. I love both Mono and Damier and I think you can't go wrong with having both!
  13. I like to have different variety so i wouldnt buy 2 of the silmilar bags...but i know alot of ppl on the forum have more than 2 speedys
  14. i was just like you last year: i received the damier 25 from dh for valentine's, but i bought the mono 25 four months later. i now also have the damier 30 (was an early xmas present) and i want an azur 25 or mono35 or 40 as my next bag. i love a lot of LV's, but speedies are my passion!
  15. Maybe you should take out your Damier to see if you like the hand held style. If you do - definitely go and buy the Monogram Speedy!!