firefox bug?

  1. i can't stay signed in when i use firefox. :shrugs: i prefer firefox....but this is getting a teensy bit annoying. do i need to switch back to IE? thanks vlad for everything you do! if switching back to IE makes it easier for you, let me know.
  2. Clear your cache and cookies... and make sure you have the latest version of Firefox. Vlad and I only use Firefox and it works fine for us :tup:
  3. I use Firefox, and am not having any problems.
  4. I also use Firefox and have no problems.
  5. hrm....weird.

    thanks for the suggestions! hopefully that will help.
  6. ^^ I am using firefox and having the same problems.

    Every time I clear my cache and cookies it doesn't help and then I have to scramble to remember all my passwords to all the websites I frequent, so I'm just not doing it anymore. Now I just relogin every time I want to say something.
  7. You can clear your cookies and cache but still retain the passwords in the password manager that Firefox provides.

    I am using it religiously and I don't have any issues at all. :wondering