Firefighters flush kitten from storm drain

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    PARKERSBURG, West Virginia (AP) -- It took two fire trucks, five firefighters, several animal rescuers and about 250 gallons of water to rescue a 2-pound kitten.
    Animal control officers tried coaxing the gray tabby out of a storm sewer drain with encouraging words and food Monday before giving up after about an hour and a half.
    Firefighters tried banging tools on one end of the pipe and flashing lights Monday night in hopes of driving the kitten out the other end -- but that didn't work either.
    It wasn't until firefighters flushed about 250 gallons of water through the 10- to 12-inch pipe -- enough to wet the kitten's paws -- and the feline rushed into the hands of Firefighter Kevin Siers, who was standing inside a manhole.
    "We had about an hour and a half of fun," Siers said Tuesday. "Everybody was pretty tickled" when the cat emerged.
    After a very frightening day and night, the kitten seemed more relaxed and was warming up to humans, said Dan Hendrickson with the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

  2. So glad they managed to rescue that poor baby. Hopefully with a story like that someone will give her a loving home.