Firefighter Saved The Lives Of Two Dogs By Giving Them CPR

  1. Firefighter Gives Doggie CPR

    My hero! This fire fighter saved the lives of two dogs by giving them doggie CPR after they were pulled from a house fire. This is the kinda guy you want on your side, my friends. How cute is this?! :smile:
  2. Some people feel disgusted by doing cpr on animals, i think it's the humane thing to do!!!!
  3. I'd rather kiss a dog or cat than a lot of humans I know!!

    Bless this person for saving their lives.
  4. I agree!!!!!
  5. That is amazing!!!
  6. That is a amazing!! :love: Bless him!
  7. aww! simply amazing!! he really is a hero.
  8. That's so heartwarming. I once saw a news clip where a firefighter gave a baby deer CPR to revive it.
  9. last year when we had a litter, my husband gave CPR to one of the pups. I had to show him how because I was just too emotional. Lived to be a thriving giant lab.
  10. I feel the same way.
    Dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans'
  11. **Amazing**

    Bless this firefighter!!!
  12. Love this story! Bless that wonderful firefighter!
  13. goood for him...but how do u do dog CPR?:confused1:
  14. Awwww! Well they do say a dogs's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth.
  15. Is this story true? I have heard of people doing this, but the site looks like it is a humor site, I am confused!

    If it is true, I think this guy is amazing and I agree I would rather kiss my Pug than a lot of people!