Fired For Being Too Curvy?

  1. Some of you may remember this story:

    Appears it's happened again.
  2. I don't think it's a matter of too-curvy or too hot or... My work has a dress code because people do like to push the limit: wear what they find comfortable, or wear what makes other people uncomfortable.

    What the employers should have done is roll out a company wide dress code - for example, no rubber shoes, skirts/shorts/pants should be 3 in above knee or lower, and blouses or tops should fit with no/slight cleavage. Make it the same for men and women.
    Then, they could fire the woman for violating stated company policy vs. having something very ambiguous to point to.
  3. ^ Agreed. Every company ought to have a written dress code that applies to all employees. That way there is no question whether an employee should be disciplined for violation or not, and both the company and the employee are protected in the event of a dispute (hopefully). I tend to suspend judgement on cases that Allred takes until all the information comes to light because there are often things that aren't initially reported.
  4. I wonder what the other side of the story is...
  5. I really don't like when suits like this are filed falsely, they make it hard on those who are actually fired and discriminated against. I hope she wasn't going into the office with her breast in a wonder bra and everything all out on display.
  6. Absolutely

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  10. The "appropriate" dress she wore on day five seems to be open at the back showing her bra band. Totally inappropriate for work, no matter how casual the dress code.
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