Firebird vs Cordovan

  1. I've been wanting a firebird MbMJ bag bad, and just saw the cordovan came out. Since i've never seen the firebird in person, can someone compare it to cordovan? is it bright red or more burgundy?

    What style would you recommend I get? I already have a bright red laptop tote (lodi, not high end), a B bag in Ink, and I'm longing for a MbMJ one!!! I also have a chocolate brown Betty. Rec?

    Thinking of Heid, Terri Tote ?
  2. Ya know, I've been lusting after a totally turnlock teri in firebird for eons. Stalking eBay, Zappos, and major department stores websites have yielded no results for this hard to find bag. BUT, and thats a big BUT, I feel this may be a blessing in disguise. While the firebird is inarguably beautiful, I think the cordovan is equally beautiful, if not more. After having called MBMJ in S.F., an SA told me that the "new teri" has great improved handles that enable women to easily throw the bag over their shoulder. This was not the case with the former teri...many women complained of the inconvenience of the short straps. So now Im on a new mission...stalking online sites for sales on the new teri (which prob wont happen for a couple of months) but when they do, I'm going to snatch up two of those bad boys; one in black and one in cordovan.

    PS: Im not that impressed with the "ocean" color. It looks like a defective carbon blue of sorts
  3. I was just in the SF store, the teri is indeed very lovely. I ordered mine just now, coz I am so inpatient, through shopbop, 10% luckyrewards, no tax, it's already a "sale" price in my eyes. :smile:

    Is the firebird red brighter?
  4. Someone posted a photo of their new cordovan Teri on the Fall 2007 MbMJ thread. I personally think that the cordovan is gorgeous, and like you, I've never seen the Firebird IRL. But I imagine the Firebird to be a bit brighter.

    I've never seen the Ocean IRL either, is it a lighter version of the carbon blue?
  5. It's not my cup of tea, it's kinda like a washout version...
  6. Hm.. I'm giong to have to look the Cordovan up
  7. ah.. just found it on

    I'm looking at my firebird bag and from comparing..the cordovan is definitely darker than the firebird.
  8. The Cordoan color is gorgeous IRL. I'm looking at the turnlock clutch/wallet.

    I actually liked the Ocean color but I'm not familiar with Carbon Blue. It is a deep grayish blue. It would go with a lot.
  9. Carbon blue and ocean colours are very similar to me ... maybe ocean is darker ... .

    Cordovan is definitely darker than firebird!